I Made This Smoothie

Yes, I made this smoothie. I didn’t really use a recipe; though, if you shuffle through the contents of my brain, you’ll probably realize I memorized a recipe out of Mad Hungry that I blogged about once here. The key to it all is: instead of using ice? You use frozen berries. And the rest sort of happens willy-nilly.

In this particular case, I added the frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), orange juice which I juiced myself with Cara Cara oranges from the farmer’s market, a banana, and a few big spoonfuls of Greek yogurt.


Blend away, I did, and soon I had some smoothie magic:


It’s really that simple. And, I have to say, compared to the smoothies you can buy at Jamba Juice (which are overly sweet) or this smoothie place near my gym that insists on working in protein powders, this is the best of them all. The smoothie you make yourself tastes best because you know what goes in it.

What’s your favorite smoothie to make at home? I’m thinking I’ll try something with peanut butter next.

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  1. I made a peanut butter smoothie this morning! Frozen blueberries, banana, milk, greek yogurt, and peanut butter. Great way to start the day.

  2. I’m a total cheater with my smoothie making; I usually take Naked Juice’s Green Machine (or some variant of it by the other brands), toss in a handful of frozen berries and maybe some milk or frozen yogurt, and maybe two ice cubes if I need to thicken it up a little more.

  3. frozen banana, tablespoon of peanut butter, drizzle of honey and enough soy milk to make it liquid (1/2 cup?). It tastes like ice cream and is amazing!

  4. There’s a smoothie I want to duplicate at home, it’s from Earth Bar, called the Muscle Up. Has almond milk, banana, protein powder, almond butter, and some other crap.

  5. I’m a green smoothie fanatic. 2 faves- banana, mango, kale, cucumber, coconut milk, spirulina, cilantro & ginger; banana, frozen cherries, spinach, cocoa powder, cinnamon, almond milk to blend.

  6. I make smoothies several times a week (I just upgraded from a Magic Bullet to a Vitamix last week…eeek) I’ve been blending everything!!! My favorite nut based smoothie is a mix of cocoa powder, some flax seed, almond butter, milk (or almond milk), a banana, some ice cubes and sometimes a touch of cinnamon. This is an unbelievably delicious and filling smoothie! It’s not super sweet so I like it as an alternative on days when I’m not looking for a berry fix.

    1. I wonder how it would work if you just subbed strawberry or cherry for the banana? I love that chocolate/berry combo…

      1. I don’t know but I will definitely give it a try. I do love tart fruit with chocolate. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  7. 1/2 cups frozen blueberries, banana, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, a handful of spinach and 1 cup of chocolate almond milk. It’s delicious!

  8. My favorite is banana, frozen pineapple, honey, almond milk and (because I hate the taste of almond milk) a splash of half n half. Kind of decadent I know but it takes the edge off the almond milk for me.

  9. 3 leaves kale, de-stemmed, 1 cucumber, peeled, a green apple, about 1/2 c each frozen mango and dark cherries, squeeze of lime, about 6 prunes and water to 1 inch from base of vitamin. serves 3

  10. I second the frozen berries, trade the yogurt for a couple more ripe bananas (just as creamy without all the fat), add a couple fresh dates, and a big handful of spinach or kale and blend away! Delicious and nutritious. If you miss the bit of acid from the yogurt, can add a squeeze of lemon.

  11. Hopefully that’s the last time you ever make a smoothie without throwing some greens in!! I’m not a green smoothie nazi or anything, but why not? You can’t taste it, you’ll feel better about yourself and it’ll help digestion. There’s no negative!

  12. This is basically the smoothie I make except I make it as a post-workout remedy. You have several things right: 1) o.j., 2) Greek yogurt, 3) banana, and 4) whatever other fruit you want to throw in it (I prefer some pineapple and strawberries). In my case, I also add 1 scoop branched-chain amino acids protein powder (it’s a gym-rat thing), vanilla extract, and cinnamon (also helps with blood pressure). Heaven!

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