I Am Disappointed in This Parsley-Scented Hand Soap


“Write the things that matter to you most” is what a writing teacher somewhere is telling his or her classroom of students. This is great advice and I am heeding it right now when I tell you: I am disappointed in this parsley-scented soap. I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond a month ago and squirreled it away for when we ran out of the lavender-scented hand soap. When that day came, I eagerly threw the lavender into the trash and removed the parsley-scented soap from the cabinet. This would be the moment, the moment I would find out what it’s like to use parsley-scented soap.

I’m sad to say the experience doesn’t add up to much. Parsley-scented soap reminds me of basil-scented soap which is really just some synthetic approximation of fresh basil anyway. You won’t be squirting this soap on your salads anytime soon, just your hands, which I guess is the point.

From now on, I’m sticking with lavender.