Hot Coffee Drink vs. Cold Coffee Drink


There’s a funny website called “Is It Iced Coffee Weather?” that determines, based on your location, whether it’s iced coffee weather. The current prognosis for me is: “No. Try it hot.”

This is a question I’m often asking myself because I enjoy drinking coffee every day, so much so that I drink tea in the morning in order to save my coffee drink for later on when I can get it from a coffee shop. And when I get to the counter I have to decide if I want it hot or cold. Lately, I’ve come up with a good strategy.

Instead of focusing on the external temperature I focus on my internal temperature. Am I cold on the inside or hot on the inside at this particular moment? Do I want to warm up or do I want to cool down?

That may sound silly but this strategy is close to my “What are you craving?” strategy when deciding what to make for dinner. Both are obvious. But both are incredibly useful.

By tuning out external factors like the temperature or health and fitness, and focusing just on what you want and need at that particular moment, chances are you’ll be happier than getting the thing you think you should get. So even if it’s a relatively warm day out and everyone around you is sipping coffee through a straw, you have to ask yourself: am I chilly on the inside? If so, a warm coffee drink is the drink you should drink.


Today I’m on the fence about my coffee drink. The website says “hot” but I’m wondering if a “short iced latte” (my latest obsession; that’s an iced latte with less milk) is the way to go. But you can’t tell me the answer, only I can tell me the answer. So please don’t even try.