Frozen Yogurt Toppings Are Worse For You Than Ice Cream

An observation!

The other day we were in West Hollywood, walking after eating sushi at Jinpachi. I saw a frozen yogurt place and I said, “Oooh let’s get some frozen yogurt.” That’s not something I often say; in fact, I’m much more likely to say, “Oooh let’s get some ice cream.” Only, this being West Hollywood, ice cream isn’t really an option. Frozen yogurt is where it’s at because frozen yogurt, presumably, keeps everyone trim and muscular and sexually attractive.

Only, here’s the thing, you get your frozen yogurt from one of these machines:


Then you go to a toppings bar that’s filled with Reese’s pieces, M&Ms, chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles, etc. As you can see from my lead photo, I went a little nuts with the toppings. And it occurred to me: this frozen yogurt with these toppings is probably worse for me than just eating ice cream.

I know what you’re going to say. “You don’t have to put those toppings on top of your frozen yogurt.” True. But also: why do they have all of those toppings if you’re not supposed to put them on your frozen yogurt? And isn’t this some kind of psychological trick, luring you in with the promise of health but then sending you out the door with more candy in your cup than a movie theater concession stand?

I’m not a nutritionist and I’m too lazy to do the math, but something tells me you’d be better off eating a scoop of ice cream than a mound of frozen yogurt covered in candy. The frozen yogurt biz is totally shady.

12 thoughts on “Frozen Yogurt Toppings Are Worse For You Than Ice Cream”

  1. Toppings or no toppings, all the sugar (and/or aspertame) added to frozen yogurt must surely cancel out its promise of health.

  2. Kind of how some people like to put bacon, cheese, croutons, creamy dressing, etc on salad at a salad bar. Sometimes scooping toppings onto something is half the fun.

  3. As the owner of one of those frozen yogurt stores, I am glad my customers don’t seem to agree with you ;). But then again, most of my customers don’t come in because it’s healthy — they come in because it’s a treat and it’s fun.

  4. We have these here called “Sweet Frog” the time we load up on toppings my frozen yogurt weighs 5 lbs and rings up at 10.99….yea right

  5. froyo at these places generally runs from 80-140 calories per 4 ounces. Toppings could add plenty of calories. But I often eat my toppings separately, and thus feel as though I satisfy my craving for chocolate and cold, silky goodness with one stop. You just need to be strategic with the portion control.

  6. I LOVE Yogurt Stop! But you’re right – all those toppings really detract from the supposed health benefits of frozen yogurt. Or at least, the image of the healthy alternative to ice cream.

  7. Robyn Liscinsky

    my question has been answered..(not that i TRUELY didnt know the love frozen yogurt and i love my “Frosted Twist”…..i like to reward myself there when ive done alot during the day..presumably once a week…i will stop the hot fudge and brownies…..but i looooove the passion fruite Juice poppers….they stay!!…

  8. eating ice cream DOES taste better then MOST frozen yogurt places….thats because MOST frozen yogurt places are all chemicals blended together and usually taste gritty, artificial and icy!!! If you go to a good frozen Yogurt place then in my opinion its better then ice cream….but its all down to preference.

    As for the toppings…..its YOUR choice what you put…so if it comes out looking like a circus threw up on it..thats your doing no one elses…most places do have fruit granola…etc…but fact is most people want the candy goodies. So if you dont have them…people go else where, where they can find them. So you cannot really complain about something you made yourself….no one made you cover it in candy…and it probably tasted pretty good…lol.

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