Friday Food Links (4/5/13)


This week was a fun one for me. As you probably noticed, I amped up the blogging to try to get back into the original spirit I had at the start (back in 2004) where posts didn’t have to be precious and perfectly-crafted. So some of this week’s most successful posts (in terms of comments) weren’t posts I would’ve normally done, like the one about feeding your pets at the table or improvising a smoothie. Now I’m going to do something I don’t do enough: a round-up of my favorite food links from the week. Before we get to that, I should explain the cheesecake above. That was from an Easter Brunch I attended on, well, Easter and the woman who made it said the secret was using two extra packets of cream cheese. So there ya go! Now on to the links.

Friday Food Links (4/5/13):

What Fuels New Yorkers. What New Yorkers eat to get through the day (from this weekend’s food-focused NYT Magazine). The craziest one, by far, is the woman who eats candy and cupcakes. I saw that out of context and thought it was a joke until I followed the link.

Amanda Cohen on “Best Woman Chef.” So after World’s 50 Best awarded Chef Nadia Santini the 2013 Best Female Chef, Anthony Bourdain Tweeted: “Why–at this point in history–do we need a ‘Best Female Chef’ special designation? As if they are curiosities?” Chef Amanda Cohen, of New York’s Dirt Candy, pens a powerful response, citing disturbing statistics including the fact that in six years, 126 James Beard awards have been given out, only 22 to women.

Hooters Onion Rings. It seemed appropriate (or inappropriate) to segue here to David Lebovitz’s post from today, in which he recreates Hooters’ Onion Rings from The Hooters Cookbook. The post is a hoot.

The New Yorker on Food TV. I’m a big fan of The New Yorker’s TV critic, Emily Nussbaum, who turned me on to “The Middle” and who Tweets often and hilariously. In this piece, she tackles Food TV, both competitive cooking shows and the stand-and-stirs. Spoiler: she ends up loving The Barefoot Contessa, so how bad can that be?

Roger Ebert on Food. Like most of you, I was really sad to read of Roger Ebert’s death yesterday. He was a real inspiration to me. I remember, in high school, my parents bought me the Cinemania CD-ROM and that’s where I discovered him and his reviews. Reading them as often as I did probably had a big impact on my writing style: he favored clarity above all else and I think that’s probably why my prose isn’t flowery or oblique. Besides being the world’s most famous cinephile, Ebert was also a food lover and this piece by Kim Severson from 2010 charts how Ebert maintained his enthusiasm for food even after losing his ability to eat.

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      1. haha. Thanks! Great links, especially loved the soul cycle instructor whose hard boiled egg gets her through 2 classes. If only.

  1. Dana @ Foodie Goes Healthy

    I liked the beginning of your April Fool’s post because I thought you went existential on us. But it turns out that you really did do some soul searching of what you want your blog to be. I think that’s great. You go down the roads that are meaningful and interesting to you. Your thoughts resonate with your readers, and we are happy to take this journey with you.

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