Do You Feed Your Pets At The Table?


You may think you like chicken, but you should see my cat. When that roast chicken comes out of the oven, Lolita goes nuts. She starts mewling in the kitchen, where I throw her a few scraps, but then–when we’re eating at the table–she sidles up next to me and looks up at me with those adorable, sweet kitty eyes you see in the above photo. This leads to the question proposed in the title of this post: “Do you feed your pets at the table?” I have to confess: I do.

The problem is that when we’re eating something cats won’t like nearly as much (like the Kohlrabi salad we had last night) she’ll still sidle up and meow. I guess that’s why you’re not supposed to feed your pets at the table: it trains them to beg.

But when we are eating something that she likes? Like that awesome fish I made two weeks ago? A little morsel will make her night. And what happiness does she have, really, staying indoors all the time, going to the bathroom in a box, no friends to play with except the big scary dogs outside who want to eat her.


Lolita deserves some scraps at the table; I’m happy to give them to her.

How do you handle this with your pets at home? Are you a sap like me or do you lay down the law?

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