A Cook’s Nightmare and A Cook’s Dream

Watching Martha Stewart on Hulu while doing the New York Times crossword puzzle (don’t be too impressed, I barely got four answers) I had a distinct memory of her having Julia Child and Jacques Pepin on as guests. So I went on to YouTube and sure enough the clip you see above surfaced. I love the moment when Martha’s whisking with Julia and Jacques peering over her shoulders; it is, as I quote Martha saying in this post’s title, both a cook’s nightmare and a cook’s dream. If only most of us could be so lucky.

[Update: there’s a whole battery of videos on Martha’s site of her cooking with Julia and Jacques. Now I know how I’m spending the rest of my afternoon.]

6 thoughts on “A Cook’s Nightmare and A Cook’s Dream”

  1. Poor Martha, she was obviously nervous and intimidated. I’ve never seen her in such a submissive role. They made Martha look like an amateur cook (no pun intended.) HAHA

  2. It is hilarious to see Martha in such a submissive role and really be brought down to Earth. Poor Martha, she was obviously nervous and intimidated. They made Martha look like an amateur cook (no pun intended.) HAHA

  3. I guess everything is in the eye of the beholder. Saw all videos and none showed nervous or initmidated behaviour only respect for 2 great chefs. It should be noted that many and I mean many years ago Martha had done the Julia Childs Master Chef Series in 2 programs, demonstrating her famous wedding cakes. It would be nice if people would refrain from putting people down. It only makes them look bad.

  4. Adam- I’m loving the blog expansion and increase in posts. Had to comment because I particularly loved this post. Little insights into some famous or historical or otherwise noteworthy food happening, like this great exchange between cooking icons, is the kind of stuff I never have enough time or know-how to find myself. Thanks for sharing this one… more please!

  5. Like Ashlee, I also clicked over to this post from my Google Reader (may it rest in peace) specifically to say how much I like the new/old Adam reemerging. I like the little posts and your big, well-crafted ones. You’ve got a great balance now. Thanks!

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