60 Second Meals

Tonight I thought I had an original idea: a web show called “60 Second Meals” where I’d make a meal in 60 seconds. Then I thought, “I better go on YouTube and make sure such a show doesn’t already exist.” Turns out it does and I’m kind of obsessed with it. It has a David Lynch meets John Waters vibe that may or may not be intentional. I hope you get as much of a weird kick out of it as I did.

7 thoughts on “60 Second Meals”

  1. I wasn’t sure about the DL/JW thing until about 45 secs in (at first it looked like a segment from an 80’s kids show)….pure gold! That will keep me giggling through Monday!

  2. I usually enjoy your stuff. You have a weird sense of humor that frequently matches mine. Unfortunately, I know a couple of people ability to cook matches this too closely. I believe in a sense of adventure in the kitchen but this may be a bit too far.

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