Quick Breakfast Tacos


After I made those excellent carnitas tacos, I had lots of Mexican ingredients leftover. JalapeƱos. Corn tortillas. Sour cream. Well that’s not a Mexican ingredient, but it would be if I called it Mexican crema. So let’s call it crema so my first paragraph makes sense.

This often happens after I make a big dinner: the next day, I find myself with all kinds of leftover ingredients and I want to turn those ingredients into breakfast. On this particular morning, the decision couldn’t have been easier: breakfast tacos.

Honestly, there wasn’t much to think about. For two of us, I cracked six eggs and whisked them with a splash of milk, salt and pepper. I also grated lots of sharp cheddar and chopped up leftover cilantro.


A tablespoon of butter went into a skillet and when hot and foamy, I added all the eggs. I lowered the heat and cooked gently, but not too gently; I’m not into those custardy French scrambled eggs Jacques Pepin’s always raving about: I like larger curds. When the curds had formed, I added all the cheese and cilantro. Looks yummy, right?


Then there was the question of salsa. For the carnitas, I’d made a pico de gallo with cherry tomatoes which worked very nicely. On this morning, though, I didn’t have any cherry tomatoes left. I did have a few whole canned tomatoes leftover from something else. What if I made canned tomato salsa?

It’s not a sexy thought, but it was a practical thought. So I chopped up 5 or 6 canned tomatoes, drained off the liquid and added a chopped jalapeno, chopped onion, cilantro and possibly a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. I can’t remember. Please don’t sue me under Statute 8.14 of Food Blogger Recipe Obligations. Just noodle around and you’ll get something like this, which works nicely:


The final step was toasting the corn tortilla in a skillet until it was puffy, browned and hot. I could’ve done the Alice Waters thing (from my cookbook) and held the corn tortilla with tongs over an open flame, but these tortillas were wetter than normal tortillas–they came from the refrigerated section–so I didn’t think that would be a good idea.

And there you are, folks. Quick breakfast tacos. Add the eggs to the toasted tortilla. Top it with salsa. More cilantro. Some sour cream–or CREMA–if you have it (now that I think about it, I don’t think we had it) and you’re golden.

Have a great breakfast taco-filled weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday.