Pizzeria Mozza’s Coconut Sorbet Pie

Despite the fact that I’ve been in New York for a week now, and that I’ve eaten many wonderful meals so far, the dish I can’t get out of my head is a dish I had in L.A. just before I left. True, I already mentioned it in my newsletter (subscribe here!) and true I’ve written enough about Pizzeria Mozza on this site already it may as well become a Mozza fan page. (It was, after all, my pick for #1 restaurant in L.A.) But this dessert! Let me tell you about this dessert…

It’s house-made coconut sorbet packed into a dark chocolate cookie crust, frozen solid, sliced and set upon a pool of the darkest chocolate sauce. A perverse mound of glossy whipped cream is piled on top and then everything is sprinkled with salted candied nuts.

I suppose I went gaga for this because I just love coconut. The remarkable thing is that it’s coconut sorbet, not gelato, so there’s a lightness to it that you wouldn’t get from a creamier frozen dessert. Whatever calories you save from it being sorbet rather than gelato are quickly counteracted by the size of the thing. An obese family of six could’ve worked on this thing for days…. somehow, though, Diana (my lunch date and I) did pretty well. I don’t want to say we ate the whole thing, but when I flew away from L.A. a few days later, I noticed my side of the plane dipped lower in the sky than the other side.

It was worth it.

Let's dish!

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