Sweet Potato Chipotle Hash

Get your pans hot, ladies and gentleman… we’re making hash!

To be honest, I’d never made hash before I made it a few weekends ago. But the idea of it really appealed to me: dump out the contents of your fridge, put a pan on high heat, cook everything together and serve some eggs on top. For this particular hash, I dug up a sweet potato (well, not literally, but it was leftover from this) as was a can of chipotles in Adobo. Plus, I had bacon.

And an onion, which I sliced thinly, as you can see.


So: first render the bacon in a cast-iron or non-stick skillet until crisp, then remove to a paper-towel lined plate.


To the bacon fat, add the onions:


Salt them a drop and then cook away while you grate your sweet potato (no need to peel):


When the onions are really cooked down and deep golden brown, add two finely chopped chiles in Adobo, stir them in, and then add the grated potato with another pinch of salt.

Now’s the fun part: on high heat, cook everything together, letting the potatoes crisp as you do. You can add the bacon back too. Flatten everything like a pancake and take a look.


Is it as dark as you can get it? Keep cooking. Take things right to the edge, to the corner of Almost Burnt and As Brown As You Can Get It. Them slide on to a plate.


Sexy, right?

At that point, you could serve it as a side dish for chicken or steak or any other dinner protein. Or do what I did and fry up some eggs and serve them on top.


Sure, it’s breakfast but it could also be dinner. Imagine eating that with a big glass of red wine or white wine while listening to the Original Cast Recording of “A Chorus Line.” Could you imagine a better night? I most certainly could not.

Let's dish!

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