The Winners of the 2012 Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (Sponsored By The CIA)

Look at how much fun everyone had!

I have to confess, when I typed up the Scavenger Hunt list last week, I was worried that (a) maybe no one would compete (this was my first year not centering it around a specific city; so the challenges were broader); and (b) that those who DID compete might hate this list and grow to hate me because of how much work was required. But based on the pictures, that’s clearly not the case. I mean, check out these smiling Scavenger Hunters!

This is Chris & Rich (click people’s names to see the galleries of their Hunt pictures):


They are clearly surprised and delighted to find this jar of Date Molasses.

Melissa and Ashley are quite stunned to watch an employee at Dunkin’ Donuts pour coffee into a Starbucks cup:


Sara of Sara and Josh is looking rather radiant at the Farmer’s Market:


While Nancy of Nancy and Ray has fun while posing as Marilyn Hagerty at The Olive Garden:


Meena of Meena and Steve poses in front of Balsamic vinegar:


And Felicia of Felicia and Jenn models a geoduck:


But a Scavenger Hunt must have winners, and this one surely does!

In 3rd place, and her 3rd time competing in an Amateur Gourmet Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt (see her here and here) we have Breanne who competed with her friend Lawrence and does an impressive job here eating a stick of butter while holding a Paula Deen cookbook and wearing a Diabetes walk t-shirt:


She also managed to get a picture with Top Chef alumn (and “The Chew” star) Carla Hall:


In 2nd place (and it was a very close 2nd) we have Paloma and Veronica who clearly took this hunt seriously (be sure to click over to their gallery) and illustrate their sportsmanship here by jointly lifting Modernist Cuisine over their heads:


Check out Veronica’s blog, My Well-Fed Life.

And, finally, in 1st place–with 470 points–we have Dan & Andrea, who model here with Top Chef Season 3 contestant Micah Edelstein:


(They even managed to give Micah a food-related tattoo!)

Congrats Dan and Andrea: you totally deserve your grand prize of a four day culinary boot camp at a CIA campus of your choosing (in either New York, Texas or California).

And congrats also to Paloma and Veronica & Breanne and Lawrence: all of you will be receiving some special prizes from the CIA too (including books and DVDs).

Thanks everyone for participating! And thanks, of course, to the CIA for their incredibly generous prizes. Maybe Dan and Andrea will do a guest post and tell us all about their boot camp experience? After blasting their way through this scavenger hunt, I’m sure boot camp (for them) will be a breeze.

Let's dish!

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