Bringing Good Food Home

If this post were a text message being sent to a modern-day teenager, the teenager’s response might be: “Obv.”

That’s because this post basically says something that you already know: “Instead of cooking something good for dinner, you can buy something good and bring it home.” So why am I writing it? Because even though it’s something that you may already know, it’s not something that you necessarily do. I don’t do it much myself–if I’m going to cook, I buy ingredients and cook; if I want food from a restaurant, I’d rather go to a restaurant–but that changed when I discovered Mozza-To-Go.

The pizza at Mozza is one of my favorite things about L.A. The crust is almost like a pastry, it’s got so many flaky layers; little crystals of salt shatter as you bite through it. And the toppings–from housemade fennel meatballs to white anchovies–are all stimulating and arresting, the kinds of toppings you don’t get bored with even several slices later.

Much like Franny’s was our go-to special occasion pizza restaurant in New York, Mozza’s become our go-to special occasion pizza restaurant in L.A. That was it was a special-occasion-only pizza place until I had an appointment with a trainer (yes, I’m still working out!) at a new gym on La Brea near Melrose. That’s near Mozza-To-Go. And also near an excellent wine shop called Domaine L.A. where my friend Whitney works.


So yes, before going to the gym, I went to Mozza-To-Go and bought a giant focaccia–well two focaccia halves. Then I visited Whitney at Domaine and she helped me choose a bottle of wine:


So I showed up to the gym with focaccia and wine which I had to store in a locker while working out.

But when I got home, look what awaited us for dinner!


That, on the left, is leek focaccia with cherry tomatoes; that on the right is focaccia with fresno chiles. And here’s the wine that Whitney paired with it:


A robust, rich, almost meaty (beef jerky came to mind) flavored wine that stood up to the bold flavors of the focaccia. And just to keep things a little more balanced, I made an escarole salad with lemon juice, olive oil and Parmesan which rounded out the meal:


I’ve made focaccia at home before (this one’s a favorite) but no focaccia I’ll ever make will rise to the level of Nancy Silverton’s. So how lucky am I that I can score world class focaccia, top notch wine, drive home and eat like a king?

But, believe it or not, you’re lucky too. Even if you don’t live in a big city, surely there’s some place near your home that has a specialty item that you can get to-go? Bring that item home for dinner tonight, pair it with something homemade and some good wine and you’re set.

Sayeth the teenager via text: “Word.”

Let's dish!

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