That’s Not A Lime Tree


You may recall, when we first moved into our L.A. apartment, that I described a courtyard with a lime tree in it. I’m embarrassed to say that even though I have many dishes in my repertoire that involve limes–oatmeal with ginger, coconut milk and lime; sea scallops with citrus risotto–I haven’t once plucked one off the tree and used it, not even in a drink.

Then something interesting happened. Last week, our friend and neighbor Chloe saw my Tweet asking if anyone knew a cat sitter in our neighborhood. She kindly volunteered herself–after all, she lives just upstairs. And when she came over to learn the ropes of feeding Lolita (half a can of wet food in the morning, half a can of wet food in the evening) she casually said, “You know I planted that Meyer lemon tree in the courtyard and you’re welcome to as many lemons as you’d like.”

Sound of tires screeching!

MEYER LEMON TREE????? Is that why those limes are turning yellow?


“That’s a Meyer lemon tree! No way!”

For those not in the know, Meyer lemons are the most precious of lemons–thinner skinned and scented like tangerines, they’re wonderful in many dishes (see my post: What To Do With Meyer Lemons) and usually quite expensive at the store.

Later on that day, I saw a yellow orb that looked ripe enough to pluck. I took it into my kitchen and cut it in half:


And sure enough it had that characteristic Meyer lemon scent. We have a Meyer lemon tree in our courtyard! I couldn’t be more thrilled. Chloe is the best cat sitter ever.