Sexy Cabbage Sexytime

Let’s face it, cabbage is a tough sell. Even though it’s what makes coleslaw coleslaw and it’s a crunchy companion to a fish taco, most people associate it with their grandmother’s boiled cabbage fouling up the air with its death-like aroma. That’s why I’m titling this post Sexy Cabbage Sexytime because the other night, I came up with a way to cook it that’s so terrific, so genre-shifting, it’ll forever change the way that you think about cabbage.

What’s nice about this method is that it works for one, it works for two, it could even work for four. Just shred as much cabbage as you want to eat:


Then add a big glug of olive oil to a large pan. The more cabbage that you’re cooking, the bigger a pan you’ll need. Step one is to brown the shredded cabbage; so get that oil hot and when it is hot, add your cabbage and sprinkle it with salt.

Toss that cabbage around, so it all gets coated with the oil and salt, and then let it brown. Again you don’t want it to steam so try to make an even layer. When you start noticing brown edges on the cabbage, shift it around a bit and let it brown on the other side. At this point you could also add a sprinkling of mustard seeds, as I did here:


When the cabbage has browned and wilted slightly—and this is the killer part—add about 1/4 cup of white wine vinegar (or red wine vinegar, if you don’t have white wine vinegar) to the pan. It’ll crackle and hiss–you’re basically deglazing here (and if you use a metal skillet instead of the non-stick I elected to use, you’ll work up some brown bits); stir all around and taste. Your socks should be totally knocked off.

That’s Sexy Cabbage Sexytime. It’s a better name than just sauteed cabbage, right? Give it a go.

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