The Day I Was On The Cooking Channel And Didn’t Know It

This morning I received an e-mail from Brad Parsons (author of an awesome new book about bitters called, appropriately enough, Bitters) that said the following: “I was watching the Suzanne Goin (who I know you adore) special on Food Network (or Cooking Channel?) last night and they had some b-roll of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market in the beginning and I swear there was a shot of you (or your doppelganger) in the beginning browsing the stalls. Same haircut, glasses, plaid shirt, canvas jacket. I’m not sure if you were already in LA when they filmed this or if it’s just an illusion, but wanted to let you know in case you haven’t seen it.”

What’s so weird about this is that I totally recall that day at the farmer’s market; even though Brad says it’s the Hollywood farmer’s market, that had to be the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Remember my post about it? And how I ran into my chef hero Suzanne Goin?

She was sitting at a table signing books, looking totally casual. When I approached her it seemed like she’d always been sitting there and that nothing special was going on. I had no idea that she was filming a new show for the Cooking Channel called “He Cooks, She Cooks” or, more surprisingly, that they’d been filming me as I wandered the stalls.

(Unless this really is the Hollywood farmer’s market and they were just taking B-roll there and this wasn’t the day I saw Suzanne Goin.)

Anyway, if you have the Cooking Channel and you catch this show, look for me in the opener! Now I’m wondering what other food shows I’ve been a part of without knowing it.

Let's dish!

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