Our New Kitchen

It happened, people. We found an L.A. apartment in a great location that’s clean, in a great neighborhood (Franklin Village, right beneath the Hollywood sign) and–most important to me–with a bright and sunny kitchen. I mean look at it. Wouldn’t you want to spend a lot of time in there cooking? We move in on September 1st.

Not only is the kitchen great, but the courtyard has an ORANGE tree and we’re allowed to pick from it with an orange picker:


There’s a lemon tree too and what may be a pomelo tree. (Our new landlord, Rebekah–who’s really cool–wasn’t sure.)

And get this! Even though you have to drive everywhere in L.A., we’ll live steps away from a cool coffee shop, a few interesting restaurants, a book store, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and a really awesome gourmet shop called The Oaks. Here it is inside:


They sell all kinds of things in there–wines, cheeses–and they make pretty incredible sandwiches. Check out this B.L.T. I had with an heirloom green tomato, smoky bacon, and camembert cheese:


Um, yes, that was delicious.

So! We’re very excited about the new apartment, the new courtyard and the neighborhood. Look for lots of pictures from our sunny blue kitchen in the coming months.

Let's dish!

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