Someone’s In The Kitchen With…Doug Quint & Bryan Petroff (from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck)

Doug burst out laughing when I told him that he and Bryan, of the world famous Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, were my first celebrity guests on “Someone’s In The Kitchen With….” And though his laughter was pretty sincere, you’ve got to admit: Doug and Bryan have made it pretty big. They have a book in the works, a new store opening up, not to mention their appearances on Rachael Ray and Andrew Zimmern. Here, in this chatty podcast, we cover everything from what it’s like to drive a big gay ice cream truck around New York City to the truck’s significance in the gay rights movement. (Also: the night that I cooked them dinner.) Thanks to Doug & Bryan for trekking all the way here on their day off!

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Let's dish!

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