Cafe du Monde (New Orleans)

When you arrive in New Orleans, the first place that you’ll probably go is Cafe du Monde. There are a few reasons for this: (1) it’s open 24 hours; (2) it’s a New Orleans mecca, for locals and tourists alike; and (3) the beignets that they serve there are so dang good, they’ll haunt your dreams.


What is a beignet?

Well, a beignet is like a doughnut only more interesting. Whereas a doughnut just kind of sits there and lets you eat it, a beignet puts up more of a fight. It’s chewier. And at Cafe du Monde they’re served piping hot with a mountain of powdered sugar on top.

We went to Cafe du Monde immediately upon arriving in New Orleans. It’s a perfect way to greet the city; you walk along Jackson Square, sussing out the locals from the tourists. You may stumble upon a brass band as you go:


Or this guy:


Once there, you seat yourself:


If it’s hot when you go, I recommend ordering an iced cafe au lait along with your beignets (which come three to an order). Here’s Craig devouring his:


This was also our last stop before we went to the airport to fly back to New York. It’s where you go to say “hello” to New Orleans and also where you go to say “goodbye.”

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