Food Book Giveaway: David Lebovitz’s “The Sweet Life”


My friend David Lebovitz wrote a wonderful book about living in Paris called “The Sweet Life” (read my write-up about it here) and now that it’s out in paperback, his publisher has generously agreed to donate THREE copies to readers of The Amateur Gourmet. If you’d like to win a copy, make up a French dish that doesn’t really exist and describe it in the comments. The best three win.

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen! Click below to see them.

And the winners are….

(1) Ann Goodman with:

“Fillet of jumbo goldfish poached in the dew from the tarragon plant served over a bed of chestnut puree studded with black Périgord truffle. NOTES: For filleting goldfish, use a micro scalpel to remove the many fins while still retaining the maximum amount of goldfish flesh. Begin collecting the dew from the tarragon plant three weeks in advance in order to have a sufficient amount of poaching liquid.”

(2) Ashley:

“Lets go with Ratatouille….southern style!
This would be peeled and diced heirloom tomatoes with collards, lima beans, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, corn, okra, and green beans. Stew these all together and its a great souther ratatouille. Of course add salt, pepper, garlic and some basil. 
As for the wine and crackers-substitute for a side of spoon bread and spiked sweet tea:its french with a southern twist! 
and probably sure to upset any true french chef :-)”

And, finally…

(3) Vickie:

“Pepe-Au-Feu: using skunk instead of beef in the classic “pot-au-feu”. I have no idea if it will actually work but as the Chinese say, “if its back faces heaven it’s edible”–it may just not taste as good!”

If the winners will shoot me an e-mail ( I’ll hook you up with your books. Thanks everyone for participating!

Let's dish!

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