Egg Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Anchovies

Cooking, sometimes, is like a game. The game changes from dish to dish, but often, for me, the game is: How Can I Make This Better Without Leaving My Apartment?

This is a fun game to play, especially when you’re making something as pedestrian as an egg salad sandwich. You boil the eggs, you peel them, then you put them into a bowl and look at them. That’s when the game starts.


There’s the obvious way to do it: mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, maybe a hit of Tabasco and, if you have it, some parsley or dill. That would be nice.

But last week, when I made egg salad for lunch, I wanted to raise the stakes. I wanted to win the game and win big, so I dug into my refrigerator and removed some anchovies (about three) and a few sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil (also about three):


Then I chopped them to smithereens:


And added them to a bowl of the eggs (which I also chopped on the cutting board) along with a big dollop of mayo, some salt and pepper, and maybe a splash of olive oil:


I think capers would’ve been good in there too, so you can deduct a point, but in the game of egg salad lunches? This, served on toasted bread, was a winner:


Though the biggest victor was clearly MY MOUTH.

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