Amanda’s Coffee Intervention

Amanda Byron, one of my favorite baristas at my favorite coffee shop, Joe (don’t call it “Joe The Art of Coffee”!) had some strong words for me today about my post yesterday on How To Make a Good Cup of Coffee:

Of course, Amanda is a barista who’s passionate about coffee so you have to keep that in mind. Another barista that I like, Mike White, sent me this link to his blog Shot Zombies and his post “The Aromatics You Lose When Coffee Has Been Ground For 30 Minutes.”

Will this change my coffee-making behavior? Probably not, but maybe it will change yours! [P.S. If you enjoy Amanda, you can watch her teaching me how to make latte art in this old video.]

1 thought on “Amanda’s Coffee Intervention”

  1. So, what is the story with something like Illy that is preground but “vacuum sealed”. I started drinking Illy recently and love the flavor – is it going to be that different if I grind it myself?

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