The Ratatouille Sandwich at Prune

In September, I shared with you a picture of the Avocado Sandwich I ate at Prune for lunch (link here.) The response was enthusiastic: “Ohmgosh that looks so beautiful,” wrote Shannon. “Oh, PRETTY!” wrote Hannah. “That sandwich is a work of art!” wrote Kathryn. Again, it was a very enthusiastic response.

Last week I took Molly Orangette to Prune for lunch (I felt it was a very Orangette-like selection) and the avocado sandwich had been replaced with a ratatouille sandwich. When it arrived I snapped the picture you see above; and when I took a bite, I knew I had to do a post about it.

I associate ratatouille with summer (I made one this August–see post–that was stewy and bright), but the ratatouille on this sandwich tasted of deep winter. The flavors were intense and profound: caramelized eggplant, slow-cooked tomatoes, and–the real surprise–beets all melded together on the bottom layer.

Then, on top, a very generous application of garlicky aioli. And on top of that fried capers (yes, FRIED capers) and a sprinkling, once again, of poppy seeds (there were poppy seeds on the avocado sandwich too.)

One bite, and my eyes lit up. Everything about this sandwich was so decadent: from the olive oil that practically confited the eggplant and tomato to the rich aioli on top, this was a sandwich fit for a king. Or an Orangette: “Here,” I said. “You have to try this.”

Molly did and had to concur. “Oh wow,” she said as if she were slightly suspect but one bite had convinced her.

History repeats itself and Gabrielle Hamilton (Prune’s beloved chef), once again, has produced a sandwich for the ages. Don’t miss it.

Let's dish!

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