Last Night’s Piglet Party

Just want to do a quick post to say how much fun I had emceeing last night’s Food52 Piglet Party. Highlights for me: Gabrielle Hamilton (one of my all-time favorite chefs and food writers) & Christopher Hirsheimer (the legendary food photographer) loudly chiming in from the floor during Frank Bruni’s panel discussion about “food porn”; funny hijinks during the raffle (Merrill pulled a ticket and when she called the number her husband had the winning ticket; the crowd wasn’t having it; then when I called the next ticket, my agent won!); talking to Gabrielle Hamilton afterwards I told her how much I loved her post in the Canal House cookbook. “My post?” “Ha, sorry, your essay…I’m a blogger so I think everything’s a post.” Thanks again to Amanda, Merrill & Charlotte for having me and for those who missed it, here are some great pictures on Metromix.

Let's dish!

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