Two Exciting Bits of News

Guess what folks? This week I’m in New York Magazine’s “Everything Guide to Deliveries: New York Food Experts Pick Their Favorite Neighborhood Delivery Options.” One of my suggestions is based on a tip from a reader; so whoever out there turned me on to Tue Thai, thanks! I really do love their duck noodles. The other exciting bit of news is that Amanda Hesser, Merrill Stubbs and and Charlotte Druckman have asked me to M.C. Food52‘s Piglet Party! For those who don’t know about The Piglet, it’s a tournament of cookbooks featuring distinguished judges (Mario Batali, Ezra Klein, Susan Orlean) who select among the best cookbooks of 2010. At the end, one cookbook is declared the winner and that’s announced at The Piglet Party. So get your tickets here and I’ll see you there!

Let's dish!

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