How To Make A Caesar Salad

I make Caesar salads all the time and whenever I do, I forget to take pictures. Maybe it’s because it’s such a loosey-goosey process–how much garlic, how much anchovy, how much Parmesan & lemon is all a matter of taste–but, still, my Caesar salad is very good (as evidenced by this post). So, instead of waiting for the next opportunity to take pictures, I thought I would illustrate the process for you with a program I just downloaded called Paintbrush. Prepare to be amazed by my illustrious illustrating skills!








Note: to add fresh croutons (as I often do), see this post.

Also: 7 chopped* garlic cloves makes for a very garlicky Caesar. I love that, but if you’re not a garlic fan, you can certainly tone that down. Actually, I think my standard number is 5 cloves but I’m too lazy to re-illustrate. Proceed accordingly.

* Chopped because sometimes the blender can’t chop the garlic when you start with so little in there. So just chop it roughly to get it started.

And don’t skip the anchovies! Without anchovies, it’s not a Caesar.

P.S. Grind fresh pepper on top.

11 thoughts on “How To Make A Caesar Salad”

  1. Glad to see egg yokes in your version…most people are afraid of raw egg…you could coddle it for one minute instead…both will work…

  2. Me mouth is juicing up by just reading along. What a talent of keeping simple things simple U have. I really, really like to cook with U one day.

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