The Coco Winner

There were some incredible entries this weekend in the Coco Cookbook Contest. The most impressive, technically, was this mushroom stuffed quail with risotto by Joe; the funniest was “Become a Master Chef in 5 Easy Steps” by Cristin (she burned her feet like I did in this old post). There was also a masterful Southern dinner, a great post about roasted marrow bones & parsley salad (did you know Anthony Bourdain picked that for his last meal?), a gorgeous honey-braised cĂ´tes de boeuf with creamy polenta, a sweet potato and goats cheese galette and a quiche aux champignons. The winner–as suggested by the picture–is this post: “Adventures in Biryani Land.” The post met all my criteria–difficult dish, an impressive finished product, but, most importantly, great storytelling. A perfect post for Mother’s Day too; congrats Lawyer Loves Lunch! Contact me to claim your prize.

Let's dish!

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