6 Years

No need to make a fuss, but today’s the 6th anniversary of my blog. Six years ago, on January 14th, 2004 to be exact, I wrote the following words: “Are you sick of competency? Of food blogs run by competent people with flawless track records and no history of salmonella? Are you tired of not having salmonella? You’ve come to the right place.”

Six years later, I can’t believe how that small gesture changed my life so dramatically. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way (mentors, friends, colleagues, designers, illustrators, you know who you are) and, most importantly, thanks to you–yes YOU–for reading me. What do the next six years hold? I’m not sure, but if they’re anything like the last six, I’ve got a lot to look forward to.

[P.S. Check out this Serious Eats interview where I reveal my top 3 favorite posts from the past six years.]

Let's dish!

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