Away We Go

This is it, the big tearful goodbye. Now don’t be too sad, faithful readers. As I leave you for ten days to savor the splendors of Barcelona, Spain (including the most built-up meal of my life, dinner at El Bulli!) I leave you in incredible, incredible hands. Seriously, for the next two weeks, you will be entertained by such a roster of distinguished guest posters, you won’t hardly believe it. I’ve read all of their guest posts several times, and they’re all stunning–hilarious, informative, endlessly amusing–so stunning, that when I come back you’re gonna say, “Aw, we prefer the guest posters.” Don’t worry, I feel the same way. But as a final gesture of good will, I’d like you to look up. Hey, look at that awesome new banner Lindy designed in honor of my trip to Spain! It’s a little early, but we thought you deserved it. A huge thanks to Lindy for her awesome work and Justin for putting that banner in place; also, a big big THANKS to Ben Lim, who’ll be managing the blog when I’m gone. (If you encounter any technical problems, shoot him an e-mail.) Ok readers, I have all of your suggestions printed out in a binder, and I’m ready to have the trip of a lifetime. See you when I get back! Adios, Adam.

Let's dish!

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