When Foam Looks Like Spit

Let’s not worry about where I was when this dessert arrived at the table; let’s not even worry about what this dessert is or how it was described on the menu. Instead, let’s just focus on that clear, bubbly substance on the top. Tell me the truth: does it look like spit?

I think it does. Almost like a fraternity hazing ritual, where the brothers all take the plate into the kitchen and spit on it and bring it out and call it foam. Sorry if that disturbed you, but if that’s what this dessert evokes, has it failed in some way? And really, is foam really worth it anymore? I feel like that fad is over–it was novel for a quick moment–but it just doesn’t have legs. I don’t crave foam the way I crave, say, whipped cream. In fact, I would have preferred whipped cream on this dessert–it would have both looked and tasted better than foam.

But I’m ranting: I’d like to hear what you think. Foam defenders, speak up! Foam detractors, are you with me? It’s time we burst foam’s bubbles.

Let's dish!

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