Perfect Steak

I don’t want to toot my own horn, so I won’t: I’ll toot the horn of Chris Lim of BLT steak. In our latest Food2 video this genius chef teaches me a technique for making steak at home that is so perfect, so dead-on that I will never ever ever make steak any other way again. It’s a brilliant technique, an industry technique that steakhouses across the country use to make steak that forces you to say, “Why can’t I have steak this good at home?” But now the secret’s out and steakhouse quality steak is yours for the making. You can thank us later!

2 thoughts on “Perfect Steak”

  1. not able to watch this in Canada either but read’s description. they recommended a New York Strip steak, is that what was recommended in the video? i really enjoy ribeye steaks but wonder if that would be a little too well marbled for this technique?

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