Food Tech #4

Doesn’t he look a little familiar? And why does he smell so much like wood?

[Ok, I’ll explain: when I hosted The FN Dish, I interviewed Ted Allen on the set of his show “Food Detectives.” They asked if I wanted to be a “food tech” and there I am! Not sure if this clip is online legitimately, so watch it before it’s taken down.]

4 thoughts on “Food Tech #4”

  1. A few years ago, while spending a long weekend at Mom & Dad’s, Mom & I turned roasted garlic and fresh, warm baguette into dinner. The next day, we decided to go shoe shopping, and as my dad (who worked night shifts and was on his way to bed) hugged my mom, he wrinkled his nose and said, “You stink!” Mom was just a little offended–she’d just taken a shower an hour prior to the hug.

    She looked at me, confused, and as I stepped closer to her, I inhaled–and started laughing. We smelled (strongly) of garlic, but we couldn’t smell it on ourselves, just each other. Neither of us minded, though, and we decided to go venture into public spaces anyway.

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