We Try Marmite


I received Marmite on my birthday and today we finally got around to trying it for the first time. Many of you have strong opinions about the stuff so watch the video to find out what we thought.

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  1. Craig’s reaction is outstanding and then the “it’s not actually that bad” comment.

    The fact that the cat likes it means that it probably tastes like… cat food?

    Syrupy soy sauce cat food.


  2. Feel free to send the rest of the jar to my friend from the UK. She just posted a comment on FB that she direly misses it.

    My cousins from Australia love Vegemite, but I’ve never had either.

    Let me know if you’re up for sending it off to California! :-)

    You and Craig are brave souls!

  3. Oh my god this made me laugh so much I re tweeted it. As a Brit who’s eaten Marmite for all of my 28 years, your faces made me CRACK up!

    I love it. Though I got for a scrape on my buttered toast, whereas my boyfriend has it about 2 inches thick, which makes me gag.

    They used to do it as a drink when we were little, so you could have it hot – the chicken Bovril was the best. Happy days!

  4. Yay! But Adam, I think you used just a smidge too much. That makes it way too salty for my taste. Less spread gives you less of the salty taste and more of the umami taste that you sensed when you said “mushroom” and “soy.”

  5. Oh my god this made me laugh so much I retweeted it! As a Brit who’s enjoyed Marmite for all of my 28 years, your faces made me crack up.

    I have to say it is an aquired taste, it’s not like anything else, and I like a thin scrape on my buttered toast (it’s also nice with cheese spread) while my boyfriend has it layered 2 inches thick, which makes me gag.

    When we were little, they used to do a drinkable chicken version that you mixed with hot water for a winter warmer. Mmmmmm happy memories :)

  6. Great video, I love the fact that the cat seemed to like Marmite… I think you used way too much though – it has to be a tiny little smidgen, so you can still see mostly toast and butter underneath. If it’s opaque, there’s too much. And yes, it’s an acquired taste. I hated it at first but seeing my (English) boyfriend enjoy it so much I decided I should try it again (and again, and again) and now I find it quite addictive!

  7. Long time lurker here! I hate the stuff! However, you have put a little too much on it is literally a thin scrapping that’s needed. My family also love it with cream cheese which is apparently a nice mix of flavours.

    Good on you for trying it though!

  8. Jenn1ferJun1per

    Hi Adam & Craig – this was so funny. I haven’t actually tasted Marmite myself, but Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated was twittering about using in stock recently.

    If you’re not already following him you can do so @cpkimball

  9. Love it! There’s nothing quite like watching people try Marmite for the first time. It’s certainly an aquired taste, and one that I have a craving for about once a year. I find you need lots of butter, and a microscopic amount of Marmite for it to work.

    It’s also really good as a base for Cheese On Toast, or Beans On Toast.

  10. You two are SO CUTE. I love it. Do you have matching glasses? Very close at any rate. I tried vegemite once, at a hostel in Cracow, and I never need to try it again. But I did have it plain. I might give it a second chance on toast with some butter. But maybe not.

  11. Ha, your faces: so funny, but you put on way too much!! Plenty of butter, and a scraping of marmite on white toast lovely.

    This will probably gross you out more, but they make it in Burton on Trent, home of a couple of big breweries; It’s apparently made from the sludge left over after making beer :)

  12. LOL! Being from the I heart marmite school I thought your post hilarious. But you put WAY TOO MUCH Marmite on the toast. You literally need just a tiny bit. One of those jars will last you years.

  13. Very entertaining. I lived in Australia for a year and never got over the first taste of Vegemite. You need a LOT more butter on the bread, with a thin scrape (as someone mentioned above) of Vegemite/Marmite.

    What is the music track on this clip? It’s nice.

  14. I’d second the opinions here that you only need a little bit. The Marmite is very popular here in New Zealand also, though it’s not to my taste.

  15. Adam

    You definatly put way too much on, heavy on the butter, light on the marmite, the aussies ( i live here now) – go for vegemite, which is muuch milder, i think you might go for that, im not sure its an aquired taste, if you go for salt then you tend to be right. Vegemite is a bit of a aussie institution.

    Interesting fact… You never see a half empty jar of marmite, it is either full or nearly empty, and despite how empty the jar might look, there is always enough for one more smear!!

  16. Ok, as a North American living in Australia I can assure you, you are doing it ALL wrong.

    First -marmite is disgusting. Only the British and Kiwis eat it. Vegemite (same thing sorta but apparently the taste is different) is WAY better.

    I used to HATE the stuff (I’d refuse to let my boyfriend kiss me after he’d eaten it) but one day I woke up craving it and now love it.

    Second -heavy on the butter, VERY light on the marmite. Start by putting a small schmear on the toast and pretty much scraping it back off again. There should only be a small amount of brown, with most of the butter showing through.

    Third -if you want to top it with some thinly sliced old cheddar (or other strong-ish cheese) it’s even more palatable.

    Check out this website for some other options: http://commercial-archive.com/commercials/vegemite-concensus-how-do-you-eat-your-vegemite-2008-30-australia

  17. haha!! i love the picture of rob meyer! and they eat marmite in new zealand a lot too. i actually thought it was originally from new zealand

  18. I remember the New Zealander from Top Chef (Mark?)loved Marmite. I loved your reactions!

    What’s the conclusion – it grows on you? You both seemed to hate it at first.

  19. I think it’s sweet that you two were trying so hard to temper your reactions. Very considerate of the Marmite fans in the audience. ^__^

    Also, Craig, your reaction to “yeast extract” was priceless.

  20. I concur, less Marmite, more butter. If it goes a light coffee brown due to the mixing of the two spreads, you’re doing it right.

    Streaky. It should be streaky.

    If you try it again, get a Kiwi, Aussie or Brit to tutor you. Or fly me over from NZ. Please…?

  21. Adam lol, i think you put on too much

    I actually dont really like the taste that much by itself, but I do like it when its lightly spread on toast with cheddar/tasty cheese put on top and melted…Its delicious in my opinion.

  22. I love the “OMG, you are doing it WRONG!” comments. People are apparently very passionate about their Marmite.

    Your reactions are both priceless. I’m not a fan myself. I spent a semester in England and one night, the only chips left in the dispenser at my dorm were Marmite chips. I was desperate for something salty and junky, so I went for it. Bad idea … blah!

  23. That was hilarious. You two are just so adorable! I agree with some other commentors that marmite was never going to be a winner. Vegemite is the quintessential Australian food and is about 34,724 times better than marmite.

    Check out this ad from the 60s – it puts a rose in every cheek!


    (although the little girl has waaay too much vegemite on her toast – you only need a little smidge)

  24. It’s best in moderation … It is definitely not peanut butter. You guys had WAY too much. (As you say, wisely). The butter:Marmite ratio should be about 10:1. Next? Try Vegemite, or Promite (which is a bit sweeter). Vegemite doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that I get from Marmite, and kind of reminds me of cheese…

  25. This is fantastic! I love the the transformation from disgust to delight that Craig seems to experience. If only I could experience such a transformation when it comes to completing my taxes. If only my tax forms were made of Marmite.

    Great video! I’ve been wanting to try this stuff for quite some time. I’m not sure if I’ve been persuaded here or not…

  26. Glad everyone liked the video!

    For those who asked about the music, it’s David Byrne’s “Glass, Concrete & Stone” from his recent album “Grown Backwards.”

    Marmitelly yours,


  27. If its anything like vegemite then you need to scrape it across the buttered toast, not layer it. It is definitely not jam.

  28. I think it’s very very similar to Vegemite, which my friend from Australia loves and actually eats straight from the tube.

  29. It was wonderful to see you sharing your first Marmite moment! Do try it again, as everyone says, with a lot of butter and the barest whisper of Marmite (Let’s be honest – even the barest whisper is like a big, loud SHOUT). For their hundredth anniversary, Marmite’s slogan was ‘100 years of love and hate’ and they had some funny ads to mark the special occasion. Essentially, pretty young couples kissing where one had just eaten Marmite…cue one half of the pair wretching in horror and disgust.


  30. How funny.

    Did you know that Marmite has the strongest concentration of MSG than any other manufactured product (excluding pure MSG powder of course!)

    Marmite has more MSG and is stronger than the Aussie favourite Vegemite.

    If you want to use up your marmite try a little mixed with cream and swirled through some simple cauliflower soup (Cauli, cooked in milk and then pureed). The vegemite is the seasoning and gives a rich flavour to the delicate cauliflower.


  31. This is quite funny watching the video and reading the comments. As a Brit I can say that Vegimite is disgusting and Marmite rocks; I guess it’s one of those flavours you have to grow up on, although how thick you guys have it would make me gag. Just tip the knife and smear it on so it’s almost a patchy opaqueness it makes the bread salty and twangy but you don’t get that horrible after taste. A nice recipe for those who do find the Marmite taste too strong is to have it with some cheese which really is one of those magical mixes like peanut butter and jam in your sandwiches :9 If you want another alternative try Bovril, it tastes just like a really condensed, thick beef gravy.

  32. Truly disgusting

    Marmite is, but then again –

    I adore Scrapple….

    Adam, have you tried Scrapple? Scrapple is another food faux pas that disgusts most people who aren’t from Philadelphia, but I LOVE it!!! So I wonder if I am deluded like an Aussie?

  33. I suggest you now try Vegemite on a crumpet. When preparing it go heavy on the butter and then a very thin scrape of Vegemite. It will change your life. Vegemite is really hard to come by so you will need to search for it online.

  34. Adam –

    Watching you trying to butter toast while looking at the camera was priceless. Great video. Made me want to sing Land Down Under.

  35. Great video and Lolita is such a darling! In Malaysia we put a swirl ( just a small bit) of it in rice porridge or mix it with a cup of hot water. I like it with toast and a soft boiled egg on it.YUM :) I prefer Vegemite.

  36. Marmite, reduced soysauce, mushrooms, cheese….

    These are all ingredients with a ton of UMAMI (or glutamate). That’s why you mentioned all of those flavors- they’ve got it in common.

    It can flavor vegetarian soup bases too, (just like the nutritional yeast that vegans use to get their b vitamins and to add some “meaty” or umami flavor to things.)

    And I agree, marmite really grows on you, I personally adore it!

    Great video, you two are so cute.

  37. Woah there! A little over enthusiastic with the application methinks. My preferred method is to ‘glob’ it on in little blobs with a nice yummy layer of melty butter underneath. Although, if you hate it, you hate it so I don’t know why I’m telling you. I love it though, soft boiled eggs with marmite soliders – yum!

  38. Such a great video – thanks for sharing! I can’t say it me want to try it, the black gooeyness just isn’t appetizing. Then again, I felt the same way about natto and now I love that. Gotta love the umami flavor!

  39. Haha! You two are great.

    I remember when I was about 11 years old, I went to camp in the summer and one of the activities you could do was cooking (obviously my favorite). There were lots of international staff and the cooking specialist was–duh–Australian. One day we baked bread and when it was time to eat our creations, she brought forth a massive industrial-size jar of Vegemite and said nothing other than “try this on the bread, it’s really good!” neglecting to tell us what exactly it was. A naive adolescent, I mistook the stuff for a Nutella-like chocolate spread, proceeded to glob it on, and took a big bite…

    I’m an American chocolate fanatic who was expecting to taste chocolate. That being said, you can predict the rest.

  40. LMAO!! You are killing me here – that was way too funny. I can’t believe you fed it to your cat. Poor kitty!! LOL

  41. Like everyone said, it’s too much marmite!

    In NZ, I used to spread butter and a tiny bit of marmite on untoasted white bread, then stack it with lots of potato chips. It’s pretty good.


  42. Good for y’all for giving it a try! Entertaining video–loved the reactions.

    Some years ago we had our hands on a bottle and gave it a sniff–I couldn’t get beyond that. It seems to be an acquired taste.

  43. You guys are too cute! But as Marmite Virgins, you went about your First Time the wrong way. To initiate yourselves, mix equal amounts butter and Marmite, and use as a sandwich filling on white bread. It what we serve at kid’s parties in the UK as kids aren’t yet used to the strong taste, and this should work for you too. And yes, you used waaaay too much! Most Brits have a fair amount of butter on their toast topped with a scraping of The Marm.

    Thanks for the film – hilarious!

  44. Like nuclear waste vegemite lasts forever. I have a 500ml jar with a use-by date of 2004 that we have been working on for many years. It seems unchanged from the day we first opened it. When we go to Australia to visit family we always check to see if we need to buy more. So far we look good until about 2011.

  45. Hi Adam,

    I don’t think you’ll ever try it this way but when I was young my asian grandmother used to mix about a teaspoon into hot rice porridge as a flavouring. It was really good and my siblings and I enjoyed it often for a light after school meal. I haven’t had it that way in years and this made me crave it!

    Also I think someone might have mentioned, Marmite is actually made from brewer’s yeast that’s been used to ferment sugars into alcohol so if you like beer, this probably shouldn’t gross you out so much anymore, hopefully!

  46. I initially watched this clip to see what Craig’s reaction would be, but yours was priceless, Adam!

    Also, I read somewhere that you can dilute Vegemite with water and use it for basting roasted chicken. Anyone ever try this?

  47. Ha, Adam! I’m glad the birthday present turned out to be so vlogworthy — I actually bought that jar in the UK. I got into marmite because of Kath, my fiancĂ©e, who is Welsh and loves the stuff. I was a skeptic at first, but when prepared properly (thinly spread, lots of butter) it’s not terrible, as Craig points out and actually can hit the spot when I’m craving something salty. I think I originally assumed it was gross because so many people had told me it was. Here’s my question for your readers: Why is “yeast extract” such a gross concept? I mean, I get it, the words gross me out, too, but I don’t find yeast inherently gross nor the process of extracting. We’re all fine with horse hooves in Jello but not yeast extract … is it simply too close to a yeast infection? (That sounds like a Sex and the City voiceover).

  48. A Big Fan of the AG

    The consistency of that goop made me gag just thinking about it. My mom used to use “drawing salve” made from gawd knows what that looked exactly like Marmite. Ick, and you ate it…

  49. My favourite is a soft white long bread roll, a thin layer of butter, an equal layer of vegemite on one side, a big handful of ready salted potato chips (crisps) what an eating experience, soft, crunchy, sweet, tangy, slightly salty and creamy.

    When I was kid I used to get a teaspoon of it from the jar and take small tastes of it on the end of my tongue… haha yum

  50. ok, that is WAY too much marmite you put on there.

    But it was totally worth watching your reaction.

    Loved it!

  51. Super funny. I love watching your expressions change as you eat. I must admit, Craig looks uber hot in that video. Yowza.

  52. By the looks of the toast you used way to much…lots of butter scrapping ONLY of the black goup..same applies for Vegemite…plus sourdough toast is best

  53. haha this was HILARIOUS!!! :D

    We have ‘vegemite’ here in oz, i love it

    the trick is

    to put HEAPS of butter (make sure toast is fresh hot from the toaster)

    then only use a tiny amount of vegemite and watch the butter mix with it, man who can say no to that !!

  54. I hated it when I first tried it, but for some reason could not let British BF’s sandwich pass me without taking a bite. I didn’t like it, but was compelled to taste it each time.

    It has grown on me over time.

    Also: same BF used to mix a bit of Marmite with raw egg as a treat for the cat. Kitty loooved it!

  55. my first introduction to marmite was in NZ and it reminded me of lab yeast, yucko! I was told (by an Australian no less) that it is the best thing in the world, I guess everything tastes better in NZ. funny video.

  56. i love the stuff, having grown up with it in ireland. i got my 8-year old to try it today for the first time (he’s american) and he liked it. i reckon that on hot buttered toast it tastes like a nicely charred steak! i actually blogged about it over on Apricot Custard: http://apricotcustard.typepad.com :-)

  57. Nobody yet is able to say what exactly Marmite or Vegemite tastes like in relation to a common food. You mentioned condensed soy sauce which gives me some idea. Asian black bean sauce is like that with a fishy aroma. A small amount of anything with lots of butter and cheese probably is still good, ahaha.

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