Scavenger Hunt Updates

* The kind people at Children of Bellevue have awarded our 2nd place winner, Stephanie Krasinski, two $150 passes to the charity event for her scavenger hunt efforts. (Rachel, the 1st place winner, gets two $450 tickets. I don’t really understand the difference.) Now everyone’s happy!

* Bonnie Slotnick points out, in the comments, that the dog in the pictures is not hers: “He belongs to my friend Mike, and I was babysitting while Mike was away. Rollins LOVED hearing about all the food!”

* Finally, Ruth Reichl commented on Twitter: “No guys participated? I’m fairly stunned. What does that mean, I wonder. Any ideas?” Well, male readers, what say you? Why did you disappoint the editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine?!?

While I was in Austin, my camera battery overheated so I’m headed into the city today to get my camera fixed. Expect an Austin post tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Updates”

  1. Congrats to Stephanie! Her and the rest of the hunters were formidable opponents!

    Ruth Reichl: I don’t know about the rest of the teams, but my photographer was male! I was chosen to be the model, as I’m the more adventurous eater. It was very much a team effort, with each of us sharing equal humiliation along the way.

  2. I was really excited about the scavenger hunt, but had other plans for the weekend. Maybe you could give us more notice next time (if there is one?). You wouldn’t have to reveal the actual places/tasks to give a heads-up so people could clear their schedules. Just a thought if you want to increase participation.

  3. well, this guy here would have participated if you held the scavenger hunt here in Singapore! :P

  4. I’d have joined in, but the commute from London to New York made my bank manager scream and chase me until well past the deadline. The swine.

  5. Obviously it is much easier to get inside kitchens and have chefs pose with you if you are a cute girl (or several).

    I’m pretty sure the dessert truck dudes don’t let groups of random men inside the truck for no reason.

  6. This is a great idea – I would have loved to participate! Next time please hold this competiton in Bonn, Cologne or Duesseldorf. :-)

    Also, to the commentator mike:

    Don’t sell yourself so short. Cute guys also have pretty good cards; you might be surprised. ;-)

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