Me vs. Larb Gai at Rhong-Tiam

34 thoughts on “Me vs. Larb Gai at Rhong-Tiam”

  1. I luv these cartoons!!! Also, every larb I’ve ever had was super-spicy, but that’s why I like it. :>

  2. Thai spicy chicken

    is not “Pork on Fire” hot

    but still kicks Adam’s ass

    Thanks for ending with Liberace. I love him!!! And I have to try “Pork on Fire”. I don’t like hot HOT food but I like food challenges (that do not involve rodents or insects). Hot I’ll do.

  3. Adam, didn’t you see the Man Vs Food episode with whatever his name is eating that crazy curry?? It just ain’t right! I mean, spice is good but when it overpowers? What’s the point??!!

  4. Woah. I’m like you. I want a little spice, not burn my tongue off. Everyone’s faces were so red, I cannot imagine how hot that food was. Keep up the awesome cartoons.

  5. I love the cartoons! I also love Thai food, but only medium spicy. My tolerance is increasing, though: it used to be only a little bit spicy.

  6. Well done for having a go. I managed to get my takeaways mixed up once, and thought I was ordering from a place that didn’t make their food very spicy, and asked for it extra hot. I’ll not make that mistake again :)

  7. You cold clime types may not understand. The point of spicy hot food is precisely to trigger that sensation of internal heat to combat the external heat we hot clime types deal with.

    Think about where spicy hot foods typically come from. Hot weather places, that’s where. (OK not sure about China in all this but) Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, India, all places with spicy hot foods tending towards sultry hot weather.

    Like Central Texas with highs in the 80s yesterday. Be prepared Adam and Craig -y’all be sure to bring your sunscreen to SxSW!

  8. I was just watching the Man v Food episode where he eats 12 hot wings and he looks like he’s going to die. You should have had someone take a picture of you suffering through the larb gai to add to the effect. Great cartoon!

  9. haha, they did the same thing when I went there. I love the spiciness, but their food just makes you sweat so profusely, so fast.

  10. Ha ha ha, a great post! Hilarious :D

    I like that you make it REALLY clear to us how spicy it was! (Although, I don’t quite see where Liberace belongs here…)

  11. A simple mention of the address of this restaurant would be SO helpful. (Yes, I know it can be looked up elsewhere, but reviews should always say where the darned establishment is located!)

    Nice cartoons though!

  12. Haaaahahahah I love it! Too bad you don’t like very much spice. I don’t know how I would survive without my fiery favorites!

    Again–LOOOOVE the comic book format! And extra props for the videos. I’m diggin’ a little Billy Joel right now, since it was popular when I was in high school. Yeah, I’m old.

  13. Ha! The spiciest dish in New York isn’t saying much. “Spicy” thai food there when I lived there meant it had ginger in it. When I moved to Los Angeles and ordered green papaya salad for the first time I suddenly woke up and said “A HA! This this what Thai food is supposed to taste like.”

    Have you had the Phaal at Brick Lane? (My guess, based on this post, is no.) I think you need to do a heat comparison. For the edification of your readers, of course!

  14. That’s hilarious! I’m surprised you don’t like spicy food. I LOVE it. Thai is my favorite cuisine for that reason because it incorporates heat the best, in my opinion.

    I’ve heard of the pork on fire and really want to try it.

  15. Haha. If I lived in New York, I’d definitely have to eat at that restaurant.

    There’s a Thai restaurant here (in the bay area) that will take your picture and put it on their wall if you can eat their “fire” spiciness.

  16. This is hilarious! I love it when you do the comic version of your stories. They’re really creative. As for heat, Thai food will definitely do it to you. I once ate something so hot that I felt it in my ears.

  17. I love it when you do comic book pages posts. They’re so funny and clever.

    I could eat spicy Thai food all day, everyday. And believe it or not, there’s actually a couple of places here in Utah that have decent Thai food.

    Thanks for the Liberace video. I was…amazed!

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