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For those reading me in a reader, or those who still see Cupid: clear your cache and load up the site and behold our brilliant March banner. How did this theme come about? Well, polling my readers on Twitter, I received an e-mail from Craig’s sister Kristin which read…


I just saw your status update and I suddenly had an idea for your banner that is so good I had to write to you in private, that way you can use it and pretend it was your idea! I wouldn’t even care!

Man, this idea is so good, I should make you pay me first! But I won’t…

Okay, here we go…..

3 words:




March is Girl Scout cookie month! We could have you plucking all the different types of Girl Scout cookies out of the sky: Samoas, peanut butter Tagalongs, Thin Mints, shortbread, etc. And you could be in a uniform, maybe…(maybe not, I don’t want to imply that I think you should dress up like a girl). Either way, it would be awesome!

There’s your March banner plan, free of charge!”

Well thank you Kristin! And thanks to Lindy for illustrating it, Leah for designing the color scheme and Justin for uploading it. And of course to the Girl Scouts: if it weren’t for your cookies, none of us would be here right now.

27 thoughts on “Banner: March 2009”

  1. Adam, I think that may be the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day. =) Fantastic banner!

  2. Why is it that those little girls set up outside the grocery store at the exact time of year that I’m getting into bikini shape?

    And then they were outside Blockbuster Friday night. These girls are getting a little too smart for my liking.

  3. I would like to know why I can’t find any girl scouts selling cookies in New York. I would like some of those caramel and coconut ones, stat!

  4. We do not have caramel and coconut girl scouts in New York, nor, if we had them, would we eat them.

  5. Token straight male in the comments section: I like the banner. I’d consider ordering a few boxes of Samoas from you, Adam, if I wasn’t 100% committed to my daughter’s sales efforts.

  6. It’s so wonderful to see your own creative vision become a reality. Now I know how Michelangelo must have felt gazing up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

  7. oh you spoiled, spoiled Americans!

    with your home-delivered cookie deliciousness.

    why can’t WE have girl scouts delivering yummy cookies straight to our door HERE?

  8. I just started following your site… this banner with the girl scout cookies… is now the icing to the cake that is making me stay and keep reading your blog (of many, many, many, many blogs on the internet.) This is great! Thanks for making me smile. -Angel

  9. As a long-time Girl Scout, I love it! Thanks for the tribute. The uniform is a hilarious touch.

  10. PS – Can I put in a request for ideas for incorporating GS cookies into recipes? Not that they are not delicious enough on their own…

  11. okay, it’s now true

    I love Amateur Gourmet

    the gourmet Girl Scout

    I agree. BEST BANNER EVER! And I’m counting all the banners out there. I LUUUURVVVVE this one….

  12. Also, Kat does have a good idea…. A girl scout cookie RECIPE on Amateur Gourmet. After all, it is women’s history month….

  13. Laura – the trick is to work in an office…one of the only perks is that the parents amongst the office staff sell the cookies for their daughters.

    I think you are referring to the Samoas – and I am eating them (in my New York City office) right now!

  14. Oh yum. Great idea and very cutely presented.

    My niece was sold them this year and my sister got hit with a bunch extra (long story, but she has no way to get the cookies to an entire office group who bought some). We’re swimming in cookies here.

  15. Well well – you certainly look winsome in a beret – not everybody pulls that look off so fetchingly.

    Quick poll – does anybody avoid GS Cookies when they are on a diet or are they considered “special exceptions/Act of God type interventions” that must simply be taken in stride?

    I managed to avoid buying any this year because I am trying to slim down and have to admit – it felt Scroogerly somehow.

  16. The question is: Who the hell is buying Girl Scout Cookies?? Don’t get me wrong…I love em like the next gal but my husband is on a diet and if I buy them I will eat 2 and he will eat 28.

  17. Long-time reader, first-time commenter because…this banner rocks!!! I love it. I love that it’s green, I love you in the uniform and I love the idea of Girl Scout cookies raining their deliciousness upon us all… =)

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