True Adolescents To Premiere at SXSW


Many of you know that my boyfriend Craig (whose birthday is today) is a film director who wrote and directed his first feature, True Adolescents, two summers ago in the Pacific Northwest. Now–at last!–the movie is having its premiere: it was announced today that Craig’s movie is one of only 7 movies (out of 750 submissions) in the Narrative Features competition at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. And so, yes, that means we’re heading to Austin in March (my first time in Texas!) and we hope to see YOU at his screening. But in the meantime, please join the True Adolescents fan page on Facebook, bookmark the True Adolescents website, and make the awesome poster (created by celebrated comic book artist Cliff Chiang) your desktop image. Also: root for Melissa Leo at the Oscars–she’s in Craig’s movie and now she’s up for Best Actress for “Frozen River.” This is going to be an exciting year and I’ll definitely keep you posted here as our journey into the glamorous world of Hollywood–or, rather, Independent Cinema–begins.

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  1. Congrats, Craig! No small feat to comlete a project like this, and have it featured in a film festival! Happy b-day, too–you really have something to celebrate!

  2. Congrats, Craig! No small feat to comlete a project like this, and have it featured in a film festival! Happy b-day, too–you really have something to celebrate!

  3. Yay, Craig! Glad you’ll make it to Austin. I’m from there and live there now, after living on both coasts. It’s a liberal enclave of arts and music and great food in the middle of Texas. You haven’t had real Tex-Mex till you’ve had it here. Let us know when you head here and we’ll give you some good food recs.

  4. that’s awesome for craig! i didn’t realize melissa leo was in the film; she’s been a favorite of mine ever since she was in homicide.

    if you wind up looking for austin food recommendations, give me a holler. you don’t want to end up with mediocre breakfast tacos (one of a few things you must have while you’re in town).

  5. SXSW is a fantastic festival! Congrats to everyone involved on being selected. My parents live in Austin, I’ll be sure to send them to the Facebook fan site. (Yes, they’re on Facebook. Isn’t everyone?)

  6. I know you’re going to get about 500 Tex-Mex recommendations for when you arrive (go to Trudy’s or Chuy’s for a Mexican Martini), but go to The Omelettry for breakfast. You’ll be tempted to eat just a giant omelette, but you’d be a fool to pass on their pancakes (just get a short stack on the side if you can’t commit to a full stack). Just a heads up. Been living in Austin since I went to school here… it’s the best breakfast you’ll ever eat. Well, maybe not “ever” since you have access to New York bagels… but it’s pretty darn good. Congrats to Craig, though! SXSW is huge.

  7. Congratulations, Craig! Such good things are happening for both of you these past few years…funny how, once you realize how happy you can be, you just get happier and happier!

  8. Congrats from a long-time lurker! I live in Austin and am excited to hear that y’all will be here for SXSW. In addition to all the great Tex-Mex you’ll find here (as well as just down the road in San Antonio — I highly recommend a day trip there if you get the chance), don’t forget to try some Texas-style barbecue. Some of the best places, like the Salt Lick, are outside of the city, but they’ll be pretty easy to get to if you’ll have access to a car while you’re here.

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