Roasted Parsnips

Easy. Shockingly easy. Are you ready? In one paragraph, here we go (courtesy of David Tanis and his marvelous book, “A Platter of Figs.”) Buy parsnips (4 to 5 pounds). Heat the oven to 375. Peel the parsnips. Quarter them lengthwise; remove the central core. If they’re large, cut them into 3-inch lengths. Toss with olive oil (appx. 3 Tablespoons), salt and pepper and roast in a small baking dish for 45 minutes until they’re tender and brown. They’re sweet and earthy and delicious and go great with roast chicken, pork, or other roasted root vegetables. And they take less than one paragraph to make.

8 thoughts on “Roasted Parsnips”

  1. Mix up about 4T of softened butter and 1 T of wasabi while the parsnips are roasting, then toss when done – devine! (And I’m not a big wasabi person, it just adds a wonderful complexness, not heat)

  2. Try mixing them with cut up butternut squash and add a small amount of brown sugar, bake and you have a pan of delite!!

  3. This is wonderful idea! I frequently make roasted root vegetables, tossing in whatever happens to be available and look good, and roast in a hot oven for 45 minutes. But never thought of using parsnips by themselves. Will try…

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