Five Years (Next Week)


One week from today, this blog will turn five years old. Five years old! That’s half a decade. Was it really five years ago that I wrote my first post? That I typed the words “amateur” and “gourmet” haphazardly into the title box of my blogging software? Was it really five years ago that I took my first picture of something I cooked: specifically, Martha Stewart’s Pecan Chocolate Chunk White Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Well let’s not wax sentimental quite yet. Instead, clear your caches and load up the site again: check out the beautiful birthday cake banner Lindy created in honor of the occasion. Thanks to her and of course to Leah and Justin for getting it up and running. I always thought I’d look better traced in icing and now that I am, I have to say I look good enough to eat. But hold your forks!

We’re not celebrating until next week. But there’s some preliminary work we need to do: namely, work that involves you e-mailing me.

“Say what??”

Simmer down, now. It’s occurred to me that the lifeblood of this blog, the thing that keeps it going, is you–yes YOU–my devoted readers. So I’d like to celebrate you next week as we celebrate the blog. I want to identify this blog’s biggest fans–the ones who’ve been reading me the longest or, if not the longest, the most fervently. If you think you meet this criteria, please do the following. Take a naked picture of yourself (WELL LIT), post it on to Flickr, and e-mail me the link. Just kidding.

No, if you’re a die hard A.G. fan please shoot me an e-mail (to with: your name, your location, a PG pic of you, how long you’ve been reading the blog, how you found it, why you love it, and your favorite post and/or A.G. recipe.

Meanwhile, I’m tentatively toying with the idea of a New York meet-up. Will it really happen? Right now I’d say the odds are 50/50. The key component is venue: if you have a venue in New York that can host a plethora of blog-readers–food and drink optional–and can do it for free but for lots of free media exposure (pictures galore!) please also shoot me an e-mail.

If a venue doesn’t surface, though, next week promises to be a treat nonetheless. We’ll mine the archives for classic posts, interview notable blog figures (like Craig and my friend Lisa) about their history with the blog, and–ultimately–reflect on five years of food blogging: all the ups, downs and everything in between.

So thanks, loyal supporters, for making these five years possible. Will I be blogging for another five years? Who knows; but if my 10 year anniversary happens, I promise black tie WON’T be optional. That party’s gonna be fierce.

22 thoughts on “Five Years (Next Week)”

  1. Hey Adam, Happy Birthday! I just emailed one of my best guy friends, Chef Marc Matthias Stellrecht, of Diverse Desserts (, in NYC about your birthday! I wasn’t sure about the size of his store (Diverse Desserts has a location at 251 W 18th Street, Lower Level, NY 10011), or if he’s available, but my brain clicked when I heard you were looking for a place to hold a party, and that it was your birthday since he specializes in CAKES! I’ve been following your blog for about 2 years now, and am sorry that I’m in Seattle rather than NYC, because I would love to celebrate with you all! At any rate, I told Marc to get in touch with you, but of course if you’re interested in seeing about his store for your celebration, or maybe even just ordering a birthday cake for the blog, I’m sure he’d love to chat! All my best for another 5 successful years!


  2. Just want to say that I’m in love with this month’s banner (and that cake too…) – I was waiting for you to introduce the banner! Congrats on almost 5 years! Is there a deadline for photo/email submissions?

  3. Newcomer to your blog. I found it on Stumble Upon and have been reading ever since. Recipe for the best broccoli in the world hooked me in, and your humour has made me stay!

    I just finished your book, and it was very enjoyable. So funny, I loved the quirky beginning, where recipes,somehow,do not always work out, even with the best of intentions!

    I will be passing your book along to my daughter, Timi, who is just finishing culinary school. I know she will enjoy it too! Thanks for the great read and wish you much success, and many more years of Amateur Gourmet.

  4. I just started reading in June but I haven’t missed a day. Your enthusiasm is catching. Thanks! My family lives in Manhattan and when I come back this summer, I haved my list of places you have recommended.

  5. Wow, 5 years. That’s amazing! Congratulations to you.

    Oh, man, a NY meet-up would be awesome. I wish I was closer to the city! :( Dang this upstate netherworld!

  6. Two years ago, reading Amateur Gourmet became a necessary morning ritual for me. Congrats Adam on 5 years, and here’s to many more.

  7. Congrats on five years. I haven’t visited for a few years (!) but you are just as entertaining as before. I did want to tell you the entry I laughed so hard, I cried. And, then, shamelessly tried to retell the story to other nonblogreaders only to be looked at like I was insane.

    My all time favorite – The wine and chocolate pairing you tried a la Chocolate & Zucchini. Your brilliant Nutella-rimmed wine glass – pure genius. (Didn’t you have a hang-over, too?) Thank you SO much – I’m laughing all over again.

  8. A Big Fan of the AG

    Happy 5th Birthday to the AG blog! I’ve been a Big Fan since it’s inception (conception?). I also happen to have in my possession one of the only (if only) remaining Janet Jackson Breast Cupcakes (and even after five years, no sagging) from that eventful Super Bowl halftime show.

    I have so many favorite posts over the years, but Pancetta’s call for a reservation at Alain Ducasse takes the #1 spot, followed closely by “The Flours”.

    I’m raising a toast to you AG – keep on keeping on!

  9. Happy Birthday AG! Your blog has made the last five years of my life richer – keep doing what you do, in that way that only you can. Cheers!

  10. Wow! 5 Years? I think I am as obsessed with food as you are… and I just started a blog/vlog of my own… but 5 years? That’s a TRIUMPH!


  11. Mazel Tov! I’ve been reading you for about 2 years. I get such a kick out of the banners and love your ‘voice’ and general attitude toward life. Plus I’ve learned about enjoying not just food but that it’s all about sharing it with friends. All the best in 2009.

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