One of the more hilarious moments in this blog’s history was when I casually mentioned that I was dating someone named Craig in this post about soup dumplings in Chinatown and all my readers went crazy. “Thank God you finally came out!!!” said reader Bryan. “Wheee! You finally told who you were kissing!” said reader Marcy.

Now, almost three years later, Craig has become a virtual staple of the blog. How does he feel about all this? Let’s ask him.

When did I first tell you about my blog?

After you were stalking me on the internet.

[Note: I noticed Craig at my favorite coffee shop–Joe on Waverly–and weeks later I saw that HE had looked at my Friendster profile. (Friendster, remember that?) So who was stalking who, I ask?!]

What did you think when you loaded it up?

I saw The Pancetta video and I thought, “This guy’s boyfriend material.”

Did you have an interest in food before you met me?

Yes, I adore food; I didn’t have any interest in cooking, though. Still don’t.

How has your appreciation of and understanding for food changed since meeting me?

It’s changed immensely. I think I have indeed become a foodie; I used to subsist off stuff like frozen pizzas and hot pockets in college. And I really can’t do the packaged commercial food thing anymore.

Is that all?

And I have an appreciation now for fresh ingredients.

What about eating out?

Well I’ve certainly reaped the benefits by dating you when it comes to eating out.

What are some of the more memorable meals we’ve had that are documented on the blog

The most memorable was my birthday last year at Per Se.



Then the whole white truffles affair at Alain Ducasse.

[Here’s the infamous video of Craig singing “The Facts of Life” theme song after a thousand glasses of wine and a million calories consumed at Alain Ducasse.]

Jesus, you really have eaten well.

But my favorite restaurant we’ve gone to has been Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

What’s it like to be a character on a blog, having your life documented for the whole world?

Well… it’s fine. I honestly don’t give it that much thought; it’s just a subset of my life rather than my entire life.

Do you think I represent you accurately on the blog?

Ya, definitely. Sure.

Is there anything I’ve written about you that you don’t agree with?

Sometimes you misquote me.


Like last night my quote after watching George Bush’s farewell address was, “Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” You omitted the ass which makes the sentiment less impactful.

[Note: I shared that quote on Twitter, which shows up on my blog, true.]

What are your favorite dishes that I make that are on the blog?

Well the old standby is your roast chicken. I love those Ssam Bar Brussels Sprouts you did. I love your chocolate chip cookies and your penne a la vodka was delicious.

Have you been recognized from the blog?

Why, just the other day at “The Cherry Orchard” a couple came up to us and said, “Are you Adam and Craig?” I think it’s fun to be recognized as Craig from The Amateur Gourmet.

What do you think your family first thought about the blog and do you think they get a kick out of seeing you on it?

They live off the blog because I don’t call home very much and they get to find out what I’m doing as much as they’d like which is more often than they’d otherwise get from me directly.

What’s the worst aspect of me having a blog?

When you obsess over negative comments posted by any Tom, Dick or Harry.

What was your favorite event that we attended as a result of the blog?

That restaurant opening we just went to was really cool, what restaurant was that?


That was it. But I think for sheer magnitude our Vegas trip–if only because of the sheer indulgence. There is such a thing as too much Kobe Beef.


What is your prognosis for the future of The Amateur Gourmet? How much longer do you think it’ll last?

I would say you have 12 to 14 days. Just kidding. (pause) As long as it stays funny and vital and fresh and doesn’t get stale, I think it deserves to stay around.

What does YOUR future hold?

I wrote and directed a feature film called “True Adolescents” that’ll be premiering this year and I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m not.

Shut up.

Thanks for your time!

Shut up.

And for those of you who never saw it, here’s a video Craig directed with me and him for Serious Eats about Eggs Benedict.

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  1. I actually sat across from Craig on the train a few months ago. I was considering getting up to say hi, but then felt that was too stalkerish, so I resumed secretly watching him from my seat, which in retrospect was more stalker-like. Oh well.

  2. Adam & Craig,

    This post is really the first time I’ve seen Craig in action….and you two together are like Burns and freaking Allen.

    And don’t tell me you don’t know who that is!!!

    ; )

  3. thank you both for that informative delve into The Life & Times of Craig.

    so funny!

    i found your blog after you did the post about Alain Ducasse. it was such a great post!

  4. I can’t believe it’s been three years…and the two of you are still as adorable now as you were then, and the blog just gets better all the time!

  5. I was waiting all week for you to do the post on Craig! We all knew it was coming :) He is definitely a lucky guy to eat so well with you.

  6. Adam and Craig –

    You guys are the bees knees (no, I am not 80) – I love the video Craig directed…”Amateur Gourmet…what an idiot!” Hee hee. Will look for your movie Craig.

  7. Adam and Craig –

    You guys are the bees knees (no, I am not 80) – I love the video Craig directed…”Amateur Gourmet…what an idiot!” Hee hee. Will look for your movie Craig.

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