5th Anniversary Week

It’s a dangerous thing to devote an entire week to celebrating the 5th anniversary of your blog; that’s like shutting down the post office to celebrate the 500th anniversary of mail. Only I’m not the post office and blogging isn’t mail and, you know, after five years I think I deserve a week of celebration, don’t you?

Welcome to the 5th Year Anniversary Week of The Amateur Gourmet. I want this week to be an opportunity to look back at my favorite posts, my favorite people, my favorite recipes, restaurants and experiences to share with those of you who are either long-time fans of the blog (aka: loyal readers) or new people who just stumbled along and don’t know me from Adam, even though my name is Adam. Madam I’m Adam. That’s a palindrome.

So sit back, relax, and if you have a favorite A.G. memory or post, share it in the comments or shoot it along to my e-mail at amateurgourmet@gmail.com. And now, without further ado, let’s start celebrating.

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