Katy’s Reindeer Cupcakes

My friend Katy is this blog’s godmother: she and her husband Josh were the ones who inspired me to start it five years ago. Just today, I noticed something awesome: Katy made reindeer cupcakes and posted them on her Facebook profile. Ironically, Katy–the food blog inspirer–does not have a food blog of her own so I insisted that she do a guest post that would explain to you, my beloved readers, how to make reindeer cupcakes of your own. Katy outright refused. Ok, she didn’t outright refuse but she wasn’t rushing to get it done. So I suggested we do an IM interview in which I ask her over IM chat how she made her reindeer cupcakes. What follows is what transpired.


Me: Katy, you recently made awesome reindeer cupcakes that you posted on your Facebook profile. What inspired them?

Katy: I had to make cupcakes for my kid’s holiday party at preschool

Katy: At the last party the moms brought grocery store cupcakes

Katy: I was unimpressed, because I’m snobby like that

Katy: I was trying to think of something that would be really popular with the kids

Katy: And kids, I’ve noticed, are more about style than substance when it comes to baked goods

Me: So had you ever seen cupcakes like these before? Or was this totally your own inspiration?

Katy: I wanted to make reindeer cupcakes, and I google-imaged it

Katy: I saw some cupcakes with pretzel antlers and thought that worked well

Katy: But I didn’t like the way they had made the rest of the cupcakes, so I improvised there.

Me: So tell us exactly how you made them!

Me: Please.


1. Make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. I’m going to trust that your readers can do that themselves.

2. Get a vanilla wafer and stick it on the cupcake, one side of the wafer touching the perimeter of the cupcake

(Does that make sense? I tried to write it 60 ways.)

Me: (yes that makes sense)


3. Stick your pretzel antlers in. I thought it would be a nice touch if one dipped the pretzel fragments in chocolate, but I didn’t do this. I think it would make them look smoother, though.

I just used Rold Gold pretzels, the bigger sized ones.

4. Get yourself a big red M&M. If you are not committed to specifically Rudolph cupcakes, you can get brown ones, I suppose.

I used the weird “cherry flavor” special release M&M, which I don’t necessarily recommend. They taste like cough syrup to me, but my kid liked them.

I am pretty sure you could use an almond M&M or something instead. But preschools don’t let you send desserts with nuts.

5. Use icing to attach the M&M to the vanilla wafer. Presto. That’s your nose.

Me: Excellent


6. Now the eyes. Take a mini-marshmallow and slice it in half. Place the two marshmallow halves in place on top of the wafer, to be the eyes? Take two brown mini-m&ms and stick them on

oops, I’ll try again

Take two brown mini-M&Ms and stick them on to the mini-marshmallow halves. Wait, this is important: make sure the marshmallow halves are sticky-side up. If you do that, you don’t have to use anything to attach the mini-m&ms.

Those are the reindeer’s eyes, see.

Me: Wow, this is complex!


7. It’s not really that complex, Adam, don’t be ridiculous.

8. Using icing (and I will admit to using store-bought black icing), make reindeer smiles underneath the nose.

I think one could use black licorice, too, but I HATE licorice.

Adam, do you have any questions?

Me: How do you get the reindeer meat into the cupcake?

Katy: Slice on the grain, brown the meat slightly before mixing it in, and then fold it into the cupcake batter right before pouring them into the pan.

Me: Sick!! I was totally kidding!

Katy: It’s a chunky texture, but it works. You could substitute chocolate chips.


* * * * *

Thanks to Katy for sharing her Reindeer Cupcake technique/recipe. It’s snowing here in New York, so this might be a fun project to attempt this weekend. Stay warm, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Katy’s Reindeer Cupcakes”

  1. Cute! And those could easily be made into monkeys if you lose the antlers, make the red nose brown, and find a way to make monkey ears! :) Adam, consider that a challenge. It would be a great addition to a jungle themed kid’s birthday party!

  2. I went to the local Super Target and there were no large Rold Gold pretzels – or that same size pretzel in any other brand. EVERYONE is making Katy’s cupcakes.

  3. Would Thin Mint cookies broken in half work as monkey ears?

    AG, thanks for posting about Katy again… I was starting to wonder what she and Josh were up to!

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