A Lively Holiday Banner

This month’s banner is a first: it’s animated!

That’s right, when you load it up (clear your cache first) you’ll see flashing lights (as well as Christmas and Hanukkah cookies and Santa wearing a chef’s hat.)

Kudos to Lindy (the illustrator) for another stellar performance; and to Leah & Justin for bringing it to life. Happy December, everyone.

8 thoughts on “A Lively Holiday Banner”

  1. I especially love it that Santa’s wearing an oven mitt. Maybe if he’d learn to bake his own cookies, he’d stop having to hit up the kids of the world for freebies.

  2. Very Nice!

    I love how the animated lights are subtle, not overwhelming like those obnoxious botox ads on Yahoo.

    The Thanksgiving banner was also great…

    Good work!

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