Deliriously Happy…

…and proud of my country tonight. They’re hooting and hollering outside in Park Slope, but I just had to load this up because it felt incredibly appropriate. Congrats, President Obama. (Wow, that felt good to type.)

14 thoughts on “Deliriously Happy…”

  1. ARRRRGH you could at least have selected a video with a singer worth listening to (She is just awful). Congrats to you on finally having a president with a brain.

  2. It felt good to read too! I’m just bummed about California’s Prop 8 stripping gay & lesbian couples of the right to marry, & putting that in the state constitution. Apart from that, I’m feeling quite good about the election!

  3. My party/candidate lost – but I guess we can metaphorically break bread around this table and see past our differences and look forward to the future. Personally, we’ve worked too hard for what we have to be told we need to “share our wealth.” But we will put it aside and join the majority and work for a better America. Let’s see how it goes now. I doubt if Adam will print this – he usually deletes whatever does not agree with him (believe me, I know!)

  4. I stayed up to the early hour of 5.30am (in the UK) to watch the results and was so happy when Obama won, it was just a shame it had to be bittersweet with the the 3 ballot measures passing banning Gay marriage, i had finally thought America was on the verge of accepting us but i guess it may take a bit longer but its worth fighting for.

  5. Why is it that you rarely respond to comments like other bloggers, such as David Lebovitz? I think the lack of interactivity on this blog is somewhat unusual compared to other blogs I read, but perhaps I don’t read enough blogs?!

  6. Here in Australia there is such excitement about Barack Obama’s election. In our office we were following it as if it were our election results. “He’s got Ohio….he’s picked up Pennsylvania!”

    I can remember the civil rights movement, as can one other person at work (we are in our late 50s) and didn’t think we would ever see this. At last you can start to gain some respect in the world as a nation. You have a man who looks and sounds like a leader, someone you needn’t be embarassed about and someone who probably comes with a lot less baggage and “debt” than many others. He will start with a cleaner slate than most. I fear though his greatest work will be staying alive.

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