The Cake Makers

Look at all the happy people who took my advice and made Ina Garten’s chocolate cake this weekend:





Those of you who missed the deadline, worry not: the Amateur Gourmet photo pool is still open, so if you make the cake this week, upload your pictures there and I’ll see them. Actually, if you make anything you want to share with other Amateur Gourmet readers post it to the Flickr pool–we want to know what you’re cooking.


  1. Aw, they all look so nice! I want to be in all of their families/circles of friends.

    Cakemakers, was the result worth the effort?

  2. Darnit! I actually made the recipe as cupcakes this weekend, photo pool unbeknownst, hid them away at our “Party Like It’s 1929” party, and brought them out at the end as a treat for the drunkies who’d made it past 1am. They were gobbled quickly. But no pictures.

    Instead of the chocolate icing I used a peanut butter one from later in the same cookbook. YUM.

  3. I made this cake a while ago and it bubbled out of my cake pans and all over the bottom of my oven. I haven’t attempted it since so I need to suck it up and try again. Thanks for giving me the intestinal fortitude!