The Return of The Amateur Gourmet

Hi Friends,

I’ve had a very restful (and eventful) two weeks. That’s me, above, eating a Dungeness Crab on Eliza Island in the Pacific Northwest (one of the best meals of my life, but more on that next week). After a week there kayaking, playing cards and, of course, crabbing, I journeyed with Craig to Cape Cod where we enjoyed high-speed boat tubing (I chickened out), merciless games of Mafia and fantastic meals of ribs, corn, and clam chowder. I returned with 130 pictures on my camera and crashed my computer yesterday trying to edit them all at once in Photoshop (I’m pretty dumb.)

Was I really able to turn my back on my site for two weeks, without monitoring or reading your comments or worrying about how the next day’s post would fare? As my web guy Justin will tell you (adamantly, I’d guess): NO!!!!

I tried, I really did. But I love this blog and I loved the guest posts! Didn’t you? Allow me to pause for a second and thank thank thank all my guest posters: I’m so honored to have had such talented writers writing on my blog. Thank you thank you thank you for your fantastic posts which I read, secretly, on my iPhone while surrounded by glorious nature. What does nature have on Phoebe Damrosch? Or The Science of Fressing? Nothing, I tell you, nothing!

Now that I’m back, my life’s about to change dramatically. The big news (and only the most fervent of you must have discovered it) is that I will no longer be hosting the FN Dish (here’s my farewell video) ; instead, I’m working on a brand new project for Food Network online. What is it? When will it launch? Who else is working on it? I’m sorry, but these are secrets that I can’t yet reveal, but I will say that the new show is much, much, much more in the spirit of this blog–it’s funny, slightly edgy, and food-obsessed. I think you’re going to love it.

I’m going to miss working with my FN Dish team: especially Matthew and Rachael, who I traveled the country with (to Vegas and beyond) and really enjoyed knowing as friends. But we’ll stay in touch (maybe Matthew will do us another guest post?) and I encourage everyone to keep watching The FN Dish, especially since my replacement, Bruce Seidel, is a really awesome guy.

So what else is in store for The Amateur Gourmet? My book comes out in paperback on September 30th. Check out the nifty new paperback cover:


I’ll be doing a reading (and a cooking demonstration! Yikes!) at the Baltimore Book Festival at the end of the month so more on that soon. And my trip to Baltimore fits in perfectly with this month’s banner theme (clear your cache and re-load the site): crabs! Having had Dungeness crabs at the start of the month in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll be able to compare them to blue crabs in Baltimore at the end of the month (though crab season might be over….) Will I finally settle the Great Crab Debate? Stay tuned… (and Baltimorites: where’s the best place to get crab in Baltimore?)

Hope you all had very restful and rejuvenating Labor Day weekends and that your last days of summer are happy ones. Thanks for your patience while I was gone… can’t wait to get blogging again.

Until next week…..

Forever yours,

The Amateur Gourmet

29 thoughts on “The Return of The Amateur Gourmet”

  1. As a life long Baltimorite (or as we call ourselves, Baltimorons) I’ve found that the best place for crabs is Nick’s Crab house on Southwestern Blvd. It’s a locals only kind of place that only does carry out. Oh, and it’s cash only. If you’re lucky, sometimes they’ll have what they call Spoilers. They’re so big that you’ll get spoiled… that’s the idea. Whatever you do, stay away from the touristy places like Obrycki’s and Bo Brooks!!!

  2. BTW – if you need a guide or any more Baltimore info, send me a line. I love showing people around Baltimore!

  3. YAY!!! Adam’s home!!! Honestly Adam I liked the guest posts but some of them it seems just when I got into it, it was over. So I am glad your back and can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    I can’t believe your gonna make me wait until next week but I’ll forgive you. This time.

  4. Welcome back! Pacific Northwest Crab is all well and good, but you really need to go to Homer, Alaska for the best.

  5. They couldn’t find a better blurb than “a sort of Rachael Ray”?! Besides the fact that some people could take that as an insult, the phrase is awkwardly worded.

  6. I just saw on the Baltimore Book Festival site that you would be there. Maybe I’ll have a chance to stop by, but maybe not because I’m going out with friends to a rare Chinese restaurant in the area that has pretty damn decent authentic food. You are welcome to join us!

    As for crab season being over by then – sadly few if any of our beloved blue crabs are coming from the Chesapeake these days, so we eat Gulf crabs pretty much all year long now.

  7. You will be mere blocks away from Lexington Market when you are at the Book Festival! I don’t want to say that it’s the best place for crabs given the numerous restaraunts, but I am begging you to wander the stalls and try the food there because it’s considered to have the best of everything else for crab. (PLUS Bergers cookies!)

  8. The best place to get crabs is right off of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at a place called Crab Deck. If you don’t want to go that far east and want to stay in the city of Baltimore, you should go to Phillip’s or the Rusty Scrupper.

  9. Welcome back! It looks like you had a semi-relaxing time – even if you DID chicken out on a few adventures.

    Don’t ya love wearing jackets during the summer?

    I can’t wait to hear more about your new FN project.

  10. 1)Welcome back! Thanks for the guest bloggers; they were fantastic.

    2)Your new banner is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

    3)There is a crab place in B-more I really want to recommend, but I can’t remember the name of it!! Here, instead, is a great piece by David Rosengarten about “Crab Bliss in Baltimore.”

    ENJOY!!!!! Pour out some Old Bay on the table for me.

  11. AG,

    So glad you are making it to Maryland. If you get a chance to venture away from Baltimore, the best crab-eating experience can be had at Harris Crab House (just over the Bay Bridge). If you can’t escape the city, I’m with dmbfan in support of Nick’s Crab House. Phillip’s, while decent, is a fairly overrated chain. Best of luck and enjoy your stay!

  12. Aw, Adam!! We’ll miss you too! Can’t wait to see your brand new top secret project….just not sure why you had to bill Food Network for 32 hairless cats for it….


  13. Hey Adam!

    Glad to hear you’re coming to Baltimore. I hope to make it to the Book Festival, it’s one of my favorite festivals in Baltimore. I must weigh in on the always controversial crab house question. With all due respect to the other posters, I must disagree. Whatever you do, DON’T go to Rusty Scupper or Phillips. I would not recommend Nick’s either. If you really want to live like a a tourist, go to Obrycki’s, 1727 E. Pratt St. It is the only authentic crab house any where near the Inner Harbor (short taxi ride). It is also a bit of an institution, having been there for years. But if you want to go native, the best place is Mr. Bill’s Terrace Inn, 200 Eastern Blvd Essex, MD. It is right outside of town, but it is easy to get to. And whatever you do, make sure you go to Lexington Market, and while you’re there get a crabcake at Faidley’s. It is probably the most essential stop for any foodie in Baltimore. Have Fun!

  14. It’s been far too long since I’ve commented, but I’m so glad that you’re coming to Baltimore!! I’m always bemoaning the fact that you’re doing events in NY while I’m at school, so beware the New York transplants storming the stage. =)

  15. Oooh paperback! Exciting! I like the new cover. I’ll continue to go to the Strand, prop it up and say loudly to whomever I’m with “This is my FAVORITE book! I wish I could buy a million copies!”

  16. Oooh paperback! Exciting! I like the new cover. I’ll continue to go to the Strand, prop it up and say loudly to whomever I’m with “This is my FAVORITE book! I wish I could buy a million copies!”

  17. Oooh paperback! Exciting! I like the new cover. I’ll continue to go to the Strand, prop it up and say loudly to whomever I’m with “This is my FAVORITE book! I wish I could buy a million copies!”

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