Me in Baltimore This Weekend!

Readers: if you live near or around the Baltimore area, come hear me read from my book and watch me attempt a cooking demonstration (scary!) this weekend at The Baltimore Book Festival. I’m slated for 4 o’clock on Saturday at the Food For Thought Stage. Come say hi, taste some of the food I’m cooking, and let me sign your books. I’ll even answer questions. It’ll be fun and potentially hilarious–can I be sued if I burn their kitchen down? See you there!

11 thoughts on “Me in Baltimore This Weekend!”

  1. Adam,

    Welcome to Charm City, hon! I will be looking forward to seeing you read. I know that a few of us local food bloggers will be there. As for dining options, there are easily a baker’s dozen of food blogs about our city. If those don’t do it for you, Baltimore Magazine‘s food issue just came out with some good recommendations.

  2. Hi Adam! SO excited to see you at the book fair this weekend! I can’t find my copy of your book, though, which is really disappointing — are they going to be selling copies?

  3. Hi Adam,

    I live in Jersey, but by a freak coincidence I’m visiting Baltimore tomorrow as well, so I may be able to come see you. Yay!

  4. Oh my goodness! I am actually visiting my brother in Baltimore on Saturday – perhaps I can convince him to come to the Book Fair with me. I’ve been before – it’s a lot of fun! =)

  5. Dang, Adam, you should have told us sooner–I would have arranged to make the trip down to Bal’more. Hope the appearance went well!

  6. Please more crab recipes! I hope you will upload other recipes to the Top Recipe Source as they will be published. I enjoy the blog and keep the recipes flowing. Stay safe in Balto!

  7. Adam- So great to meet you yesterday! Hope ya’ll had a lovely evening! FYI-I’m going to make that chicken this week! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  8. Wait a min? Why does everyone think Baltimore is so unsafe? Just because we USED to be the murder capital of the world….. and were home of the wire, doesn’t mean were not a safe place.

    Honestly your safe, unless your wearing gang colors or signs.

    Adam, just don’t flash any gangsta signs at people you don’t know.

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