A final day in Idaho.

This response to yesterday’s post–how you’d spend a final 12 hours in the city where you live–made me laugh. From site reader, Brandon:

“I live in a small city in Idaho. I’d start the day with coffee at a place called Java, which is the best coffeehouse in town. I’d have a Bowl of Soul, which is a mocha made with Mexican hot chocolate and tastes like the nectar of the gods.

This would probably take me about 35 minutes, and, frankly, I’d go ahead and leave after that because I assume the place I’d be heading would be more interesting than my hometown.”

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  1. same here… I would probably stick around but just go home and sleep in between meals because there is absolutely nothing to do in the little town I live in in California.

    I would wake up, walk to Packards and get an Alaskan which is a blended coffee drink that is amazing. I would walk back home, check email/read blogs/watch TV until lunch. Then I would walk to Mi Ranchito, get my favorite mexican lunch-a carnitas burrito w/ no onions, one flauta, and a large horchata. Then I’d go back home and eat that… maybe watch some Gilmore Girls. Oooh, for some excitement i would walk over to my best friends house about 2 blocks away and entertain myself with her and her 2 babies for a while. Then, we would make an amazing plan to go to sushi with our hubby’s that night before I had to leave and would DRIVE to the sushi restaurant to catch a quick roll before I had to go. :)

    Did you notice all of my things involved WALKING to the place except dinner? yeah…. that’s how small my town is. :P

    I love reading your posts! Keep up the great wrting!!

  2. Hey Heather – I think I lived in that small town too! Our fave Sunday Dinner place was El Nopal :-) We probably lived within a few blocks of each other – I could walk to all of those too!

    We’ve since moved “Down the Hill” to the neighborhood I grew up in. My kids are 4th generation of our family that have lived in this area – my dad has lived in the same square mile his whole life in this little old fashioned pocket of San Diego. I left it years ago to go to school and lived out in the boonies (where you are)for a while, but, in the end, it called me back home to the familiar streets :-)

    There’s no place like home – but sometimes I still miss that little town in the country (not so much the triple digit summers LOL)

  3. I used to live in Twin (as the locals call it) and would kill for a Bowl of Soul right now. Not to mention an order of super spicy drunken noodles with tofu from Prasai’s and the Buffalo Chip at the Buffalo Cafe. Oh, and fresh warm flour tortillas from the panaderia on 4th Ave. E. and a chile verde burrito from Rolberto’s. And a pear cider from Dunken’s and bread pudding at the Garden Cafe. Great food memories from Twin for me.

  4. oooh! Twin Falls! I would pass on the Bowl of Soul–but replace it with a blended white mocha at Java…then I’d start driving to Idaho Falls to eat at Grandpa’s Southern BBQ one last time–everything is divine there. Then I’d drive back to Twin and have a Kamikanna Roll (or five!) and several salmon with cream cheese rolls at Sushi Tokyo; I’d sit at the bar and watch them make the food. Then I’d head to Prasai’s Thai Food and have Angel Wings and Fried Bananas…and then, I’d go for my last Happy Hour at La Fiesta and devour two blended blackberry margaritas with a deluxe nacho…and fried icecream with caramel and sopapias(sp?) for dessert…and then die a happy death.

    For being Idaho, Twin has a lot of really good Mom And Pop places that beat anything at a chain…

  5. First, Adam, thanks for posting about my comment.

    Second, Jill, I am from Twin Falls.

    Third, after reading some of these comments, I realize there is one more thing I would need to do before leaving town. While the Bowl of Soul would be first on my list, I can’t deny that I would want to head to the Buffalo Cafe for an order of Buffalo Chips, which are much more appetizing than their name would make them out to be.

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