WEEKEND CONTEST: Win Dinner for 2 at The James Beard House THIS THURSDAY

Hello readers! I have an exciting opportunity for you (especially those who live in New York or close to New York or have a private airplane that can fly them to New York): The Winery Association of Nova Scotia is offering dinner for two at the James Beard House this Thursday, August 7th, where five chefs from Nova Scotia will prepare a meal of local Nova Scotian foods paired with Nova Scotian wines (more info here). To win these tickets, you must do one of the following:

(1) Prepare a recipe featuring smoked salmon (ideally, Nova Scotian salmon), take a picture of yourself holding the finished plate (so we know you made it and didn’t download the picture from Google images) and post it on to Flickr;


(2) Take a piece of smoked salmon (ideally, Nova Scotian salmon) and lay it on the face of a sleeping loved one, take a picture (they must still be sleeping–not acting!), and post it on to Flickr.

E-mail the link to your Flickr picture to me at amateurgourmet@gmail.com by SUNDAY NIGHT and I’ll post all the entries on Monday morning. The person who gets the most votes in the comments wins the tickets. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “WEEKEND CONTEST: Win Dinner for 2 at The James Beard House THIS THURSDAY”

  1. *gasp* No! HAHAHAHAHAHA You had me on the floor crying from laughing so hard at work. AHhh… I didn’t know you could cook with smoked salmon. And I only have two days to do so?! Sigh. Must I be in the pic? Boo… well, here we go!

  2. I would guess some sort of breakfast dish with eggs, smoked salmon, sour cream and dill would be fantastic – actually i’ve made a sort of frittata along those lines before that was incredible.

    But alas, I live on the west coast and don’t have a private jet…

  3. David Wierhake

    Someone twisted my arm to vote for Stephanie [X} but I truly believe the best presentation was the “feline fixin’s” Thank Liz for my “hash vote.”

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