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I just saw Woody Allen’s newest movie, “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, and it induced three reactions: (1) Could this be? A new Woody Allen movie that I genuinely love and can imagine seeing again and again because I love it so much; (2) Please, God, put me on a plane to Barcelona ASAP; and (3) I need a glass of Spanish wine. right. now.

Seriously. I came home and begged Craig to go with me across the street to the wine bar so I could have a glass of Spanish wine but he said “no” and fell asleep on the couch. Have you ever had a movie induce a specific food craving? Is a wine craving a food craving? I don’t know, but if you live in Park Slope and want a glass of Spanish wine throw rocks at my window and I’ll meet you across the street. Oh no, I think the wine bar’s closed.

May my dreams be filled with tapas, Javier Bardem, and Spanish wine. Lots and lots of it.

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  1. goodfella’s always makes me want to make tomato sauce. pulp fiction’s breakfast scene makes me crave burgers for breakfast too. And every British film i see makes me want to fly back home, (im an ex-pat living in Oz, go to the pub, have a few pints of guinness, walk home in the dark and cold and stop off for fish and chips from the “chippy”!

  2. Yayy! I think I’m going to see the film this evening. I’ve been looking forward to its release for so long. I’m glad you liked it! =)

    “Juno” makes me crave orange TicTacs.

  3. My girlfriend and I saw Big Night way back when it was in the theatres. We immediately went to the good Italian restaurant in our area but it was closed. So we went home and I made risotto — the first risotto she’d ever had. Whenever I see that movie I want risotto and timpano like nobody’s business.

    Eat, Drink, Man, Woman contains absolutely orgiastic food scenes that make me crave food in general, though not one particular thing. The first sequence where the father makes the huge meal is stunning.

  4. Mm. :) I must see this movie now.

    An obvious choice: No Reservations. It isn’t Catherine Zeta Jones’s French creations that do it for me, though, but that bowl of spaghetti that Aaron Eckhart makes for Abigal Breslin. The sauce looks so chunky and yummy ..

  5. Tampopo – a fantastic Japanese film about a woman and her noodle shop. Saw it and we had an intense craving for noodle soup. What’s funny is we were living in Minneapolis at the time, and there happened to be a Japanese restaurant in St. Paul called Tampopo! crazy, but true. And their soup turned out to be delicious.

  6. I just saw a play last week in Chicago called “Superior Doughnuts”. The play wasn’t really about doughnuts (or was it?) but it had me craving a doughnut like nobody’s business. I didn’t find out they were selling them in the lobby during intermission until after intermission of course.

  7. I can only think of one: Amélie makes me crave for créme brulée (of course). And a spoon to crack the brulée layer with…

    Mostly it’s books that induce my appetite (and I don’t mean cookbooks). Umberto Eco’s Baudolino makes me want to eat Greek food – especially anything with sesame seeds and / or honey.

  8. when we saw “Bottle Shock” last week – we immediately went around the corner to the USQ wine shop and picked up a Cali Chardonnay. We have no discerning palates when it comes to wine, but we definitely thought we would have some sort of nirvana experience like in the movie. Then we wanted cheese….

  9. about seven or eight years ago, i saw jackie mason on broadway. when the lights went up, i arose out of my seat, and, as if in a dream, went to the stage deli and had a pastrami sandwich and a dr. brown’s black cherry soda. it was all i could think about.

  10. ooh, i saw this last weekend too, and also loved it! i know exactly what you mean about wanting to immediately take a flight out to barcelona afterwards. if only it were so easy..!

  11. we saw Vicki….yesterday and immediately decided to go to Barcelona next summer. What a beautiful city!! And yes, I always crave food in a movie we loved. Isn’t that fun? And I’m always motivated to cook more when we see cooking movies like “Mostly Martha” or Babette’s Feast.

  12. I think Tampopo is the best food movie EVER. Oddly enough, it is not the noodles that it leaves me craving, but the oysters. The live prawn just makes me want to have sex….

  13. The first time I saw Big Night was on New Year’s Eve, while there was a whole First Night street festival going on. I was hungry going into the movie, and then watching all the food and cooking didn’t make it any better. At EXACTLY (I swear it was the same second) that they bring out the feast in the movie, the ventalitaiton system in the movie theater caught the smell of beef kabobs cooking in the street outside the theater. It was torture. Smelled so good, like smelling the movie. The worst thing about it, was that, by that point, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted Italian, and had an elaborate Chinese spread ready to cook at home, ingredients prepped and everything.

  14. I’m not ashamed to admit it- Super Size Me kinda made me want a Big Mac. At least until he threw up… :)

  15. It’s cliche, but Sideways sent me and my husband out of the movie theatre, desperate for wine (any wine, except of course, Merlot!…but we’ve gotten over that!).

  16. After watching Waitress, I really wanted to eat a piece of pie. Like the “I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong Pie” and the “Pregnant Miserable Self-pitying Loser Pie”. It would be wonderful if you tried making the pies here on AG.

  17. Ocean’s Eleven always makes me want shrimp cocktail and I am allergic to shrimp, so it creates quite a dilemma.

  18. Definitely Big Night and Goodfellas. That Il Timpani (sp?) made me scream. As for Goodfellas, the slicing of the garlic so thin…ugh, me want!

  19. Tampopo, Big Night, Chocolat, and Like Water for Chocolate, always do it for me. Just thinking of Tampopo makes me want a huge bowl of ramen. Another food movie, that makes me want food, yet not at the same time is 301/302. Great movie, but I certainly was afraid of chicken drumettes for a while.

  20. “eat drink man woman” always makes me crave fresh, authentic chinese. i think they cranked up the sound of all the sizzling; make me almost paralyzed with hunger (and totally mesmerized by the fast and nimble hands of the chef)

  21. Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha(The German movie that “no reservations” was based on),and Chocolate all make my hungry just thinking about them. Bottle Shock did incur wine, cheese and, portugese sardines cravings. And the movie Dinner Rush, just made me want to go to a really hip place, drink scotch, and eat at the bar.

  22. Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha(The German movie that “no reservations” was based on),and Chocolate all make my hungry just thinking about them. Bottle Shock did incur wine, cheese and, portugese sardines cravings. And the movie Dinner Rush, just made me want to go to a really hip place, drink scotch, and eat at the bar.

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